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10 Foods for Bright and Glowing Skin

10 Foods for Bright and Glowing Skin

They say that beauty starts with having bright and flawless skin. While facial creams can give that extra glow and makeup can hide flaws, eating the right foods can do your skin a world of good. Read on to know more about 10 foods for bright and glowing skin which keep you looking young and fresh.

1. Apples:

An apple a day can keep wrinkles at bay. Its vitamin C content keeps skin toned and firm while preventing free-radical damage. Apples help to protect skin cells and delay the onset of aging.

2. Amla (Indian gooseberry):

Eating amla helps in producing collagen, a compound that keeps the skin young and supple.

3. Beetroot:

Beets contain anthocyanins that help to slow down aging and prevent wrinkles.

4. Carrots:

Carrots are high in beta-carotene and vitamin C, both of which are essential for healthy, glowing skin. Add carrots to your salads, pastas and soups to get your daily dose of beta-carotene. Carrots feature among the best foods for glowing skin.

5. Lemon:

Loaded with vitamin C, lemons help the production of collagen in the body. You can add lemon to your foods or apply lemon juice to your skin to get rid of scars.

6. Kiwis:

Packed with vitamin C and anti-oxidants, kiwis help to keep wrinkles away, making your skin firm.

7. Sweet potato:

Beta-carotene found in large quantities in sweet potato is excellent for skin. If you’re not a big fan of sweet potatoes, try roasting them and add herbs for taste.

8. Salmon:

Wild salmon (not the farm-raised variety) is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids. These acids keep your skin moist and supple, which prevents aging. Selenium, a mineral found in salmon, protects the skin from exposure to the sun.
Add salmon to your pasta, salads or sushi. Preferably, eat it grilled or baked in order to retain the omega-3 fatty acids.

9. Tomatoes:

Rich in lycopene, tomatoes are a great anti-aging food choice. However, be sure to cook your tomatoes because this makes the compound easier for your body to absorb. You can sauté tomatoes in a teaspoon of olive oil and add dried herbs, salt and pepper for taste. Serve this as a side with omelette or fried eggs.

10. Walnuts:

These are good sources of omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E and therefore helps to get bright skin.

Include these 10 foods for glowing skin in your daily diet and keep age from creeping up on you.