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5 Bad Effects of Sugar

5 Bad Effects of Sugar

The next time you feel like binging on biscuits, pastries and fizzy colas, think again. Ever wonder why you feel like having more and more of these foods? That’s because most processed foods are high in sugar content. And sugar is addictive. Often, by the time we realize that we’re getting addicted, the bad effects of sugar are already visible on our bodies.

Here are five bad effects of sugar that should raise an alarm:

1. Sugar is bad for your teeth:

Eating sugary foods causes the bad bacteria in your mouth to thrive. This can cause anything from bad breath to tooth decay. Research now shows that tooth infections are also related to heart problems. So instead of spending a fortune on dental treatments, wouldn’t it be smarter to cut down on sugar?

2. Sugar is bad for your skin:

One of the sure signs that you are eating a lot of sugar is dry, dull skin. Loading yourself with sugar causes dehydration. This results in dull skin and a dry mouth, leading to bad breath.

3. Sugar causes type II diabetes:

Insulin is an important hormone that helps to keep blood sugar levels down. However, when we consume too much sugar, blood sugar levels shoot up. Our bodies are then unable to produce enough insulin to control the blood sugar. Once our bodies become insulin-resistant, type II diabetes is not very far away.

4. Sugar is bad for your eyes:

Severe diabetes can lead to many complications including organ failure. One of these complications is loss of vision. Cut down on sugar before it affects your eyesight.

5. Sugar is bad for your liver:

Eating large amounts of sugar overloads your liver, which begins to store sugar as fat. This causes “fatty liver” which may also lead to bloating around the abdomen and lethargy.

After learning about the bad effects of sugar, if you’re still craving it, eat fruits and dry fruits instead. Drink plenty of water too. Sometimes you might just be thirsty but think that you’re hungry. Eat steamed sprouts, lentils and legumes like beans and chick peas. These foods keep your blood-sugar levels steady and provide energy through the day. So when you find yourself reaching out for more processed foods, stop. Think for a moment if it’s really worth subjecting your body to the bad effects of sugar.