5 Home Remedies to Boost Appetite in Kids

How to boost appetite? What will increase appetite? It is the most mothers’ question for their kids. Lack of appetite is a common problem in all especially in kids and elderly persons. Try these home remedies to boost appetite!

Due to arrival of variety of junks like burgers, pizza, french fries etc. kids are disliking healthy foods. It leads to decrease in appetite and finally body gets decrease in immunity level. So, kids are more prone common health problems like fever, cold, vomiting, gastritis and indigestion.

Follow these 5 best home remedies to boost appetite in kids. Appetite booster foods naturally helps to cure lack of appetite. It will help them to boost appetite at right time and also keep up good health.

#1: Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is a powerful detoxing agent. If you drink lemon juice to increase appetite it effectively works. Lack of appetite in kids may caused due to germs in the stomach. Giving a glass of lemon juice helps to kills all germs and flush out body wastes. This helps for good digestion also. It is one of the useful home remedies to boost appetite in kids.

#2: Ginger Juice

Ginger is a best appetite enhancing foods. It simply cures ingestion, nausea and lack or loss of appetite. It is one of the effective home remedies to boost appetite in kids. As kids dislike the ginger taste, crush ginger and make it as a juice. Take 2 spoons of ginger juice, 3 spoons of lemon juice and 2 spoons of honey. Mix well and drink it in the morning in empty stomach to cure loss of appetite.

#3: Dried Fruits and Nuts

Lack of appetite in child? What food can improve appetite? Try all these best home remedies to boost appetite in kids. Nuts like cashew, almonds, pista, walnuts are good appetite boosting foods. Dried fruits like dates, figs are appetite enhancing foods. Dried fruits and nuts helps to gain healthy weight in kids. Give them a small bowl full of dried fruits and nuts as healthy evening snacks.

#4: Green Juice

How to cure loss of appetite naturally? Green juicing is one of the useful home remedies to boost appetite in kids. Fresh mint [Pudina], coriander greens helps to cure loss of appetite problems. Take 3 parts of mint juice, 2 parts of coriander juice, squeeze few drops of lemon juice and ginger juice. Add sugar or honey and mix well. It is the top among appetite booster recipes.

#5: Fruit Bowls

Papaya and pomegranate are the best appetite stimulant fruits. Giving kids a fruit bowl is one of healthy home remedies to boost appetite in kids. Mix a cup of papaya pieces with pomegranate. Sprinkle some pepper on the top and it a most delighting dish to boost hunger in kids. Giving this fruit bowls for mid-noon break help them to enjoy lunch fully. You can also add green grapes to make it healthy and tasty.

These home remedies to boost appetite in kids are effective in enhancing appetite. Also, it is helpful for adults and elderly persons. Follow these healthy ways to increase appetite naturally!