5 Misstep women make at the Time of Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the time every woman enjoys their life and cares themselves in the most cautious way. Many people would say to act meticulously during the pregnancy for the safe growth of baby. Unknowingly you would have made more mistakes in order to be safer. But don’t worry, here we state some of the common mistakes that you do and to be avoided from now.

1.Avoid Eating For Two

Smart woman plan for their pregnancy at the right time by undergoing some homework and they considered the baby birth as a myth. Yet they commit mistake by eating for two people. Unnecessarily piling up your plate with all the food that comes your way is not going to do you or your baby any good. The rule of thumb here is that, you need only 300 calories more than your normal calorie intake. Gaining more weight at the time of pregnancy may end up you in risk.

2.Never Self Medicate

Don’t ever self medicate yourself during pregnancy. Avoid using paracetamol, antacids and even acne cream at the time of pregnancy. Self medication can have adverse affect on your pregnancy. Undergoing beauty treatments at the time of pregnancy becomes harmful to the foetus and could lead to the congenital abnormalities for your baby. Always consult your doctor even if you are suffering from headache or acidity and take pills as prescribed. If you have noticed that your prenatal vitamins and iron doses are making you feel nauseated talk to your doctor for a change of brand.

3.Sleep Well

Sleep well during pregnancy and over sleeping is not recommended. Don’t sacrifice your sleep hours for the work life balance. The hormonal and physical changes that happen within your body during pregnancy demand more rest. Take rest during pregnancy because your body will need you to be physically fit enough to go through the strains of labour and delivery. Exercise yourself to prepare for the arduous journey of being in labour.

4.Pay Attention To Baby Bump

Pregnancy can be stressful and leave you tired and exhausted. All this fatigue can flew away in a baby’s bump kick. But that’s not a healthy way to be reminded about your baby. Experts say that it is essential to bond with your baby bump before you receive the actual reward. Paying attention to your baby bump helps you bond with your baby and stimulates your its senses too. But it is never too late, even if you have reached your third trimester you can still experience these blissful baby bump moments.

5.Don’t Give Up Your Comfort

If you are a sweet lover limit the sweet intake a little after the second trimester and by the time when you will start craving for your comfort foods. The same would be applicable for spicy and fried foods too. Putting a check on your sweet intake will help you prevent the chances of suffering from gestational diabetes, but stressing yourself about not having a bite of your favorite recipes will only increase the anxiety levels in you and affects baby well-being too.