5 Simple Ways to Improve your Nails

Every one of us wants to get healthy and shiny nails. And therefore we try on with colorful nail polishes, beautiful nail arts, etc. But on the other hand, we must be careful while using frequent polishing, removing, and filing up your nails. It may lead to nail tearing! So, ladies beware and take a note of the tips given in this article and take care of your nails.

It’s time to give your nails a fresh start.

Switch to acetone-free polish remover

Acetone- This chemical substance is used in nail polish removals since it helps to remove the nail polish very easily. But, acetone not only removes the polish, it also removes the protective natural oil present on your nails making them dry and brittle. Do not use nail polish removal frequently.

Keep your nails trimmed

Nails are of two types. One is strong and other is weak. Whatever nail type might your nails fall under, it is good for you to trim your nails regularly. So sacrificing a little bit of length, especially when your nails are already weak, can save you lots of chips and cracks.

Keep your nails out of the water

Soaking for long periods of time in hot water is just as bad for your nails as it is for your skin too. Both get dried out and become more vulnerable to cracking.

Take a biotin supplement

This can be especially helpful if you’re on a restricted diet that cuts out egg yolks, yeast, or wheat, since that’s where most of us get our natural biotin.

Use lemon juice to whiten your nails

You can either use a cotton ball to rub juice on top of your nails, or halve a lemon and stick your nails directly into it for a couple of minutes.