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5 Superfoods to Prevent Acne Naturally

5 Superfoods to Prevent Acne Naturally

Eat these 5 superfoods to prevent acne naturally! Acne or pimples can be stopped and also be prevented by taking healthy diet. These superfoods naturally contains powerful nutrients to fight against acne skin problem. Add these 5 superfoods to prevent acne and get clear skin.

Superfoods to Prevent Acne

#1: Turmeric

Anti-bacterical properties excellently enriched in turmeric helps to control and prevent acne. Taking turmeric in daily food helps to fight against acne causing bacteria and toxins. Turmeric helps to brighten skin and get you blemish-free skin.

Tip: Intake a glass full water every morning in empty stomach by adding pinch of turmeric in it. Also add pinch of turmeric in home facial recipes to prevent acne naturally.

#2: Spinach

Spinachs are one of the superfoods to prevent acne naturally. As green foods like spinach contain good amount of chlorophyll, it helps to cure pimples easily. Spinach rich in vitamin A kills pimple causing bacteria and keeps digestive track, blood steam clean. Eating spinach regularly will control acne and stops pimples in a month.

#3: Lemon

Citric acid rich in lemon helps in removing acidic wastes in the body and also cleanses liver. Lemon actively flushes out bad toxins in the blood and it also purifies blood. Lemon helps to make skin fair and clear. It also gives fresh feel to skin after washing face with lemon water.

Tip: Intake a cup of lemon water daily without salt and sugar to prevent pimples easily. Also, squeeze few drops of lemon juice in home facials to clear acne.

#4: Cocoa or Dark Chocolates

Yes! Yummy ‘cocoa’ helps to stop acne problem naturally. Cocoa is one of the beneficial superfoods to prevent acne. Eating cocoa is good  to get flawless and beautiful skin as it contains more skin care nutrients. Flavonoids rich in cocoa prevents heart diseases too. Eat cocoa, a top among superfoods to prevent acne.

Tip: Sprinkle cocoa powder on the top of fruit drinks or have a square size of dark chocolate after your meal. Also, take cocoa facial mask to get radiant and youthful skin.

#5: Carrots
Beta-carotene rich in carrots is one of the healthiest superfoods to prevent acne. Nutrients present in carrots actively controls oil secretion and also stops acne. Vitamin A enriched in carrots helps to have healthy skin and eyes.

Tip: Drink a cup of carrot juice with cocoa powder topping to prevent pimples. Also, apply carrot juice facial to get glowing skin.

These are the 5 superfoods to prevent acne naturally. Intake these foods in daily diet and get clean, clear and fair skin naturally!