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6 Best Foods to Relieve Constipation

6 Best Foods to Relieve Constipation

Most of us experience constipation when we leave fibre out of our daily diet. Fibres retain their water content and therefore pass easily through our digestive system, improving bowel movement. If you thought high-fibre foods are boring, you could be wrong. Here are 6 tasty natural foods to relieve constipation. You can eat them raw or cook them easily.

Best Foods to Relieve Constipation

6 Best Foods to Relieve Constipation

1. Fruits and berries:
Apples, pears and plums are very good sources of fibre. The fibre is mainly found in the skins of these fruits. Apples contain a natural fibre called pectin. Raspberries, black berries and strawberries can be eaten in fairly large amounts without worrying about calories or sugar. Add these fruits and berries to your breakfast cereal to make it more colourful and interesting.

2. Dry fruits:
Snack on dry fruits such as dates, figs, apricots and raisins for dietary fibre. Soaking a handful of black raisins overnight in a bowl of water and eating them first thing in the morning is said to improve bowel movement. Prunes contain fibres and sorbitol, which acts as a natural laxative.

3. Popcorn:
Being a whole grain, popcorn can relieve constipation. However, cut down on the salt and butter or cheese if you really wish to benefit from this snack.

4. Baked potatoes with skin:
If you are battling constipation, bake potatoes and sweet potatoes with their skin intact. In fact, boil and mash potatoes with their skins on. Ditch the deep fried, calorie-dense French fries for seasoned baked potatoes with skin.

5. Broccoli:
Among the greens, this one is highly recommended to relieve constipation. Steam the broccoli florets till they are just crunchy. Then toss them in olive oil and season with salt, pepper and dry herbs.

6. Beans:
Beans like kidney beans and Lima beans are delicious and versatile. You can add them to your soups, salads and pastas. Beans provide twice as much fibre as most vegetables, making it a very recommendable choice among foods to relieve constipation. Include as many different beans as you can in your regular diet.

Apart from the above mentioned 6 foods to relieve constipation, also drink at least 2 litres of water a day.