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6 Ways to Keep Your Face Skin Health

6 Ways to Keep Your Face Skin Health

We should always keep your face skin healthy to look gorgeous. While a quick splash of water and some soap might be all you need, there are some subtle things you may be doing that could be the cause of excessive drying, oily skin.

1. Keep it simple

Cleansing can take away germs, dirt and excess oil, but the appropriate skin moist. Because everyone’s skin cannot be the same and unique face wash cannot be produced for every skin type.

2. Watch Your Eyes

Splash water on your eyes every morning to feel fresh and cool. Eyes are surrounded by a thin and delicate skin which needs to be treated gently with more care.

3. Pat Yourself Dry

A lot of us rush our routines, and wipe our wet faces n whatever’s closest to the sink such as a used towel, the shirt we are wearing. But it is important to use a gentle, clean cloth to dry up. Always carry a wiper with you to retain your skin healthy.

4. Exfoliate Sparingly

The dead cells present is your face can be removed by using a scrub and this increases circulation for a rosy recommended the scrub can be used only twice a week or else it leads to trouble.

5. Cool it

Hot water will “strip healthy natural oils from your skin too quickly”. Even it may feel good to warm up with a steamy splash of water every day when you get tired. The work stress may reduce by splashing water on the face.

6. Don’t Obsess

Just wash your face every day even though if didn’t sweat or put on heavy make-up. Skipping a day of washing your face is a sin and this reflects on the unhealthy skin tone.