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7 Ways Baby Powder Good for Your Skin Care

7 Ways Baby Powder Good for Your Skin Care

Is baby powder safe for skin? Skin experts say using baby powder good for your skin and it can make you look and feel good. You can use baby powder in lots of ways for beauty purposes. Baby powder suits perfectly for adults face as our face skin is very soft, sensitive and delicate.

Using baby powder for skin care can give you gorgeous and flawless finish to your make-up. How to use baby powder on your skin?

Find out 7 beauty hacks using baby powder. Before you start to use baby powder for your skin, test trail it on neck or some patches on face.

Baby Powder Uses for Skin Care

Read more to know other uses of baby powder. Learn best 7 ways baby powder good for your skin care.

1.     Eye Beauty Hacks

Try this simple baby powder trick for eyelashes. Apply little baby powder on eye lashes to make it look longer and thick. Over it, apply your eye liner, mascara and other eye make-up products. Also, to make your eyes look stunning and attractive dash little baby powder all around eyes. It beautifully covers up dark circles and can make your eyes look brighter and beautiful. Use baby powder as a natural concealer. Avoid powder contact with eyes.

2.     Absorbs Sweat

During summer you sweat a lot and feel sticky and smelly. Use baby powder on your skin to keep you feel fresh and good. After being in hot sun for some hours, gently wash your face and hands. Apply baby powder on face, neck and body. Also, dab little baby powder on your armpits to feel super-cooling. Use baby powder as deodorant.

3.     Hair Shampoo

Can we use baby powder for hair? Use baby powder as dry shampoo. One of the best tips for dandruff is to use baby powder. Know the best beauty uses of baby powder and get more benefits. Apply baby powder to scalp and blend all over using hair brush. It absorbs excess oil from scalp and also keeps scalp infections-free.

4.     Make-Up

Learn best beauty tricks with baby powder. Baby powder benefits on face beautifully. It acts as a foundation and base for your make-up. Apply thin layer of baby powder before you start your make-up. It helps make-up to last longer and also keeps off side effects of chemicals in the make-up products. Best thing about baby powder is, it doesn’t block your skin pores as like other powders (talcum powders).

5.     Waxing

Before trimming (threading) eyebrows and waxing, beauticians use baby powder. It is because baby powder sucks moisture and helps to remove even very small hairs. It gives good finish to your waxing treatment. It helps to ease your waxing pain.

6.     Glowing Skin

You can use baby powder for all skin types. Especially, baby powder benefits for oily and sensitive skin. Baby powder is the best beauty product to use on face to get glowing look. It helps to remove oils on skin and make your skin look flawless.

7.     Moisturizer

Use baby powder on skin as a moisturizer. It helps to soothe dry skin and keeps it moistured for long time. Using baby powder on skin makes skin soft, smooth and fine. You can use it for dry and cracked heels to get supple feet. Best uses of baby powder is you can it use for any minor skin infections mixing with olive or coconut oil.

Knowing these beauty hacks with baby powder you would surely add this in your make-up bag as it helps you look glowing. Baby powder is good for your skin care and it suits all skin types and for all seasons. Enjoy the best beauty uses of baby powder and look awesome!