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9 Habits to Avoid for Good Health

9 Habits to Avoid for Good Health

Do you think following healthy lifestyle means only adding more fruits and vegetables in daily diet? It will not help you to enjoy good health unless you avoid some unhealthy daily habits.

Some of our long run everyday habits can be a reason for our many health troubles. So, be aware of those things and avoid it for better health!

1. Artificial Sweeteners

If you are a diet conscious person then substitute your sugars with natural sweeteners like honey, brown sugar etc. Artificial sweetening substances can cause many serious health risks. Many recent researchers proved that adding artificial sweeteners can induce overeating habits and cravings more. So, avoid artificial sweeteners, canned fruit juices, carbonated drinks to keep up good health.

2. Plastic Containers

Todays lifestyle has practiced us to use plastic containers more as it is easy to store and use. Plastics are really toxic which can even kill a person on regular use. Even, drinking water in plastic bottles are dangerous to health and can cause many adverse effects. Especially, using hot food substances in plastic containers can bring in many health problems . So, ditch those toxic chemical plastics and use aluminium, copper vessels for healthy and disease free life.

3. Non-Stick Cookwares

Several studies has evidently proved that teflon coated non-stick cookwares can cause cancer. Non stick cookwares may attract you for many reasons. But cooking in non-stick vessels will not help to stay healthy as it sucks good nutrients from food. Instead switch to glassware, stainless steel for better healthy living.

4. Room Fresheners

It has become a fashionable habit for most for us adding room or air fresheners on monthly groceries list. But, many are not aware of the side effects of using room or air fresheners. Inhaling strong chemical infused smell for long run can cause breathing troubles, asthma and cancer.

5. Eating Leftover Food from Fridge

Storing fresh fruits, vegetables in fridge and cooking it will not spoil your health. But, freezing leftover food and consuming it on next day can cause dangerous health problems as frozen foods contain more infective particles. Also, eating those foods will not give your body any nutritional value. So, avoid the habit of storing and consuming leftover foods from fridge.

6. Unclean Underwears

Washing underwears only with soaps or detergents will not get rid of bacteria or viruses from it. Always rinse your underwears and innerwears in diluted antispetic lotions or solutions. It keeps it clean and hygienic and prevents rashes, allergies, ringworms and other troubles. Also, replace old underwears with new onces once in 6 months.

7. Long Usage of Toothbrush 

Replace your toothbrush and tongue cleaners once in every three months. Using toothbrush for long period can trigger the growth of bacteria and germs. These germs can cause mouth ulcers, bad breath, cold, sore throat, throat infections and dental problems.

8. Expired Beauty Products

When it comes to beauty, be cautious as certain chemical based beauty products can produce serious side effects on skin. Firstly, take patch test and use the products. Also, before you shop beauty products look for expiry date and ingredients used for preparation. Choose quality and natural beauty products and avoid using expired beauty products.

These are the 8 daily habits to avoid for good health! Prevent it and lead a healthy lifestyle!