Avoid Teenage Pregnancy – Causes & Risks

Avoid Teenage Pregnancy – Causes & Risks

Increasing teenage pregnancy is an alarming trend around the world. Even though, many developed countries in the world are experiencing a trend of increasing teenage pregnancy, The Centers for Disease Control in the United States has reported that the instance of teen pregnancy is nine times higher in this nation as compared to many other developed countries.

What are the Signs of Pregnancy?

Of course, your fear of pregnancy after a missed period is something understandable. The reason is that this is the classic sign of pregnancy. But, this can be something tricky for teenage girls, who are still to get regular periods. It can be even trickier, if your cycles are off even because of heavy dieting or exercising, anorexia or because of low body weight. But, you need to be aware of other signs as well apart from missed period:

  • Vomiting or nausea called as morning sickness, yet it can happen all through the day as well.
  • Excessively unusual tiredness
  • Mood swings that you have never experienced earlier
  • Intense or sudden aversion to some foods, particularly fried, fatty foods and meats.
  • Sore breasts or nipples
  • Frequent urination

Of course, you can use home pregnancy test kits to get accurate results. These simple kits can be bought over the counter from your local drug store. The important point you should remember when you are planning for teenage pregnancy is that girls becoming moms at this stage are at higher risk of medical complications and this is applicable to the foetus as well.

Medical Risks Associated with Teenage Pregnancy

Carrying teenage girls, particularly those who do not get the support from their parents are at higher risk of inadequate prenatal care. Remember that this sort of care is something important during the early stages of pregnancy. This sort of care will help in identifying medical problems both in the mother and the baby, such that any complications can be rightly addressed. Prenatal vitamins with folic acid taken before pregnancy are important to help in prevention of certain birth defects like neural tube problems.

How to deal with teenage pregnancy

High Blood Pressure

Teenage moms are at higher risk of getting high blood pressure called as pregnancy-induced hypertension as compared to those between 20 and 30 years. They are also at higher risk of preeclampsia, which is a condition that brings together high blood pressure with excess protein leakage in urine. It will also lead to swelling in the face and hands of the mother leading to organ damage.

Premature Birth

In general, a full-term pregnancy is something that lasts for about 40 weeks and any delivery that happens before 37 weeks is stated as premature delivery. It is found that girls getting pregnant at their teenage are at highly risk of giving premature birth. The earlier the baby is born; more will be the risk of cognitive, vision, digestive, respiratory and other health issues in the baby.

The other risks associated with teenage pregnancy are low-birth-weight baby and postpartum depression in young girls.