Banana Peel Teeth Whitening Home Treatment

Teeth is often compared with pearls because of its color nature and shiny appearance. Everyone desires to have natural pearly white teeth that add more beauty to all facial expressions especially smiling. Gleam smile beautify your real beauty and keeps you and your surroundings happy. Due to various reasons teeth loses its lustrous nature and color. If you looking for natural way to get whiter teeth, try banana peel teeth whitening home treatment.

Does Banana Peel Teeth Whitening gets your Whiter Teeth? – Myth

Many say that potassium loaded in bulky banana whitens teeth naturally. Is that true? How it could be possible? Know more about banana peel teeth whitening home treatment.

Do banana peel makes teeth whiter naturally? Absolutely yes, we have made it and revealing the secret to you says expert dentists. You don’t believe it until you make it. Best natural way to whiten teeth is banana peel teeth whitening home treatment.

Additionally, it is suggested that not to fall into the pit of expensive teeth whitening treatments as you have excellent solution to make teeth white in a natural way. These cozy whiting treatments may harm your teeth set entirely. Natural way is always seems to be best in all. Just make teeth whiter with banana peel teeth whitening home treatment.

How Banana Peel Teeth Whitening Works?

How this magical teeth whitening treatment with banana peel works? Actually it works in a logical and scientific way. Pulpy fruit banana are naturally super-charged with sufficient levels of magnesium and potassium. These nutrients ultimately clear off dirt and discoloration seemed on the teeth. It is a natural and safe way to make teeth whiten at home in a simple way.

Banana peel teeth whitening home treatment is the most wonderful way to dealt with your stained teeth. It is quite amazing to hear about how do banana peels erases yours bad stains.

Banana skin or peel is just stored with the enormous amounts of minerals and vitamins. This peel powerfully wipe out all discolorations appeared on the teeth. It is claimed as the best teeth whitening treatment. It gives you awesome results as you treat your teeth in a correct and continues way.

Banana Peel Teeth Whitening Home Treatment – Steps

Want to get natural pearly-white teeth with banana peel teeth whitening home treatment? Read out the steps carefully, follow it in a right way and whiten teeth easily.

Step 1: Gargle your teeth in mild warm water with added little rock salt. Splash out and rinse thoroughly to flush away bacteria and plagues.

Step 2: Take a ripe banana, eat the fleshy part and get ready with the peel that is the main ingredient for the banana peel teeth whitening treatment. One banana peel is enough to carry out the white teeth home treatment.

Step 3: Pick well ripen or browner spotted banana as it is packed with more amounts of potassium. It adds up more beneficial results to the teeth whitening treatment.

Step 4: Gently rub the peel in which white layer (not yellowish outer skin) of the peel touching all around your teeth. Slowly spread this whitish inner layer of banana peel for  2-3 minutes. Don’t treat your teeth harsh with the peel as it may affect your gums.

Step 5: Make the banana peel teeth whitening twice a week to get lily-white and sparkling teeth. Also, gargle mouth with lemon water to get rid of yellow teeth and bad breath.

Banana peel teeth whitening home treatment effectively cleans teeth and gives pure white teeth. Now, smile with confidence with a pearly white teeth!