Best Eyeshadow Color for Brown Eyes

How to choose the best eyeshadow color for brown eyes?  With a lot of different eye shadows available, choosing one that suits best for brown eyes is really a important in eye makeup tips. Apply color that is brighter and really draws out the bright brown in your eyes. Follow these tips to apply best eyeshadow color for brown eyes.

1. Shades like deep greens, purples and even charcoal gray are excellent choices.

2. White liner with metallic tones that can bring out your brown eyes. It will look good for brown eyes.

3. Shimmer can be added a bit that matches with eye shadow color. Its ideal for brown eyes.

4. Try purple color shades or deep plum eyeliner. It is best eyeshadow for brown eyes.

5. For eyes that are hazel, use light tones with a darker liner.

6. Lighter brown eyes work best with neutral colors and different shades of brown.

7. To get a bold look choose Gold and bronze. These are also good choices for a nighttime event.

8. Purples, greens, and bronze are good choices for the medium shades for brown eyes.

9. Lighter colors brighten the eyes and make them look larger.

10.Darker colors minimize the eye and add shape.

11. Metallic colors can make brown eyes glow and draw attention.

12. Green makes the eyes glow and it is best eyeshadow for brown eyes.

13. Neutral colors gives natural look for brown eyes.

How to Apply Best Eyeshadow Color for Brown Eyes

1. Make the shade of the shadow to be of three colors that are similar in shade, one light, one medium, and one dark.

2. The lighter shade should be applied from the lashes and all the way up to the brow.

3. The medium shade should be applied to the area where the eye creases when open

4. The dark shade should be applied only to the outer corner of the lid.

These tips suits best for fair skin, brown skin, pale skin, olive skin and gray hair. Choose best eyeshadow color for brown eyes and according to your hair and skin type.