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Best Foods for Vaginal Health & Hygiene

Best Foods for Vaginal Health & Hygiene

Best foods for vaginal health! Every women needs to protect their vagina as like their heart. It is one of the important organ in women’s body. Healthy vagina is one which is free any infections and problem free. So, it is necessary for women to add best foods for vaginal health.

Many women faces vaginal itchiness, urinary tract infections and vaginal infections. It occurs of lack of vaginal care. Along with vaginal hygiene tips it is important to consume healthy foods to keep vagina healthy.

Foods for Vaginal Health#1: Yogurt or Curd

Adding curd in daily diet is very important for all especially for women. Good and natural bacteria present in curd makes many wonders for our body. It helps to fight against any infections and helps for vaginal pH balance. Curd is one of the best foods for vaginal health  & hygiene.

Foods for Vaginal Health #2: Cranberries

Do you know a glass of cranberry juice is a good tonic for your vaginal health? Yes, a super fruit cranberry is one of the best foods for vaginal health and hygiene. Cranberries are filled with natural good acid compounds. It keeps you free from all vaginal problems.

Foods for Vaginal Health #3: Pineapples

How to keep vag clean, fresh and healthy? Pineapple contains essential minerals and vitamins that are good for healthy vaginal care. Natural elements present in pineapples have miraculous property of keeping vagina fresh, sweet and healthy. So, it is recommended as best foods for vaginal health.

Foods for Vaginal Health #4: Lemon Water

Why lemon is so good for you? Lemon contains rich amount of vitamin C and acidic in nature. Drinking lemon water everyday helps to balance body electrolytes. It also prevents vaginal infections by keep your body hydrated. It is a best food for vaginal health and to keep vag fresh and smell good.

Foods for Vaginal Health #5: Pumpkin Seeds

Eat pumpkin seeds as it is one of the best foods for vaginal health. Zinc is a mandatory nutrient for women health. Pumpkin seeds are rich in zinc content. It helps to regulate menstrual cycle and to keep hormonal levels balanced during those days. So, add pumpkin seeds for healthy vagina.

Keep your vagina healthy, fresh and infections free. These are the best foods for vaginal health. Add them in daily diet for vaginal care.