Causes of Dizziness, Giddiness and Vertigo

There are many reasons for dizziness to come. In most of the cases, this is moderate, acute and non-dangerous. This symptom occurs due to medicines, contagiousness and due to stress as well. In reality, dizziness contains lots of emotional factors in it.

Vertigo and Imbalance

Vertigo means a feel of yourself or your surroundings being rotating around you. One may feel that the room you are in is rotating or something in your head rotates or you may feel that your whole body is rotating. Rotating feel of your head mostly occurs if you have problem with your inner-ear. Because, it is your inner-ear part functions in capturing the internal movements of your body. Due to virus fever or wound, your inner-ear might not be responding appropriately to the internal happenings of your body and sends wrong information to your brain. This may affect your system and gives you a feel of rotation.

Imbalance represents the situation where you cannot stand all alone and need to hold a support to stand on ground. In worst cases, you may not be able to stand and may fall down.

Lightheadedness and Giddiness

Lightheadedness represents the feel of floating sensation or the feeling of giddiness. Giddiness represents losing consciousness for a few seconds. This occurs due to non-flow of blood to your brain and lack of breathing oxygen. However, you don’t need to worry about the giddiness that occurs due to fear. If you lie down soon, the blood flow to your brain will increase and you’ll be conscious within minutes. Giddiness happens due to many other illnesses as well. Particularly due to heart diseases, persistent cough and illness due to change in the blood circulation also can lead to giddiness. Apart from these, giddiness occurs due the following reason as well:

  • Irregular heart-rate due if you are on high blood pressure medications.
  • If your body’s water level reduces due to high perspiration or due to deficiency of sodium ionic.
  • Excessive tiredness
  • Shocking news or any unexpected news that gives you stresses. For example: when you look at the bleeding. The condition where the blood pressure drops down all of a sudden, it is termed as “Postural Hypotension

Generally, this happen when you are getting up from a lying position or when you sit and getup immediately. This condition, almost every one of us would have felt at least slightly at some point in our life. But, this will stay just for few seconds. These effects may happen soon after a shower in hot water or while you are on high blood-pressure medications. It is dangerous if this leads to giddiness or unconscious state.