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Certain Foods that Cause Hair Loss Problems

Certain Foods that Cause Hair Loss Problems

Are there certain foods that cause hair loss? Hair loss is commonly caused of aging, heredity, over-exposure to chemical hair products, hair dyes etc. Additionally, health experts says eating some foods can cause hair loss problems. Poor nutrients and unhealthy foods cause severe hair loss problems.

Eating these foods will not impact hair health instantly. Continued eating these unhealthy foods can surely end up in excessive hair loss problems. Stop eating foods items that cause hair loss and stop hair loss problem immediately. Read more to know list of foods that cause hair loss.

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Foods that Cause Hair Loss

Here are 7 food items that cause hair loss problems. If you are facing severe hair loss problem, kick out these foods from your diet to control and cure hair loss faster.

1. Fried Foods

Over intake of fat rich fried foods cause hair loss problems. Saturated fatty acids and trans fats are not good for health as it cause severe hormonal imbalance. Any food product that contains saturated and trans fats are nutrition-less. It cause more hair to shed and ends in rapid hair loss. Instead of looking hair loss treatments, it is best to avoid these food items that cause hair loss. Enjoying them occasionally(twice in a month) may not be a problem. Frequent eating of fried fatty foods can cause hair loss and many more health problems.

2. Caffeine

High intake of caffeine might be one the reasons for hair loss problem. Too much caffeine causes sleeplessness. Lack of proper sleep causes hormonal imbalance and leads to severe hair loss. High caffeine in the body damages hair strength and results in excessive hair shedding. So, enjoy caffeine drinks in limited amounts.

3. Sugar-Free Substitutes

Sugar-free foods are made up of artificial sweetening chemical substance. It is called as aspartame (artificial sweetener) that cause rapid hair loss and hair thinning problems. Instead of using artificial sugar substitutes try to use natural yet healthy sugar substitutes such as brown sugar syrup, honey etc.

4. Biscuits & Breads

Biscuits are healthy or unhealthy? Biscuits, breads, cakes cookies are made of refined wheat which is a zero nutrient carbs. It simply makes you feel full but it is completely unhealthy. Also, hydrogenated butter, vegetable oils, raising agents, flavoring agents are totally unhealthy fats. Eating biscuits instead of foods can cause hair loss as hair is not getting essential nutrients. Instead, make your choice healthy with cereal and nut based biscuits and breads.

5. Ready-to-Eat Foods

Avoid packaged foods and drinks that cause hair loss problems. As they are packed with added preservatives, artificial colours, flavours can cause many side effects. Importantly, these added chemicals affects hair and damages hair nature. So, stop munching packaged foods in most cases to maintain hair healthy.

6. High Vitamin A

Too much vitamin A can cause hair loss. Daily recommended amount of vitamin A is 5000 International Units. As per recent studies, excessive vitamin A can trigger hair loss and hair thinning.

7. Unhygienic Street Foods

Everyone loves to have yummy and delicious snacks from road-side shops. But, considering its zero nutritional value and bad effects you simply shut your mouth while seeing those unhygienic and unhealthy eatables. It causes serious effects such as viral fever, typhoid, food poison, food-borne diseases etc. These diseases make you weak and cause hair loss, hair fall problems. Instead prepare similar recipes at home and enjoy it.

Start caring your hair well before to keep hair problems at bay. Follow proper food diet by eliminating list of foods that cause hair loss.