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Dandruff and Diet : Your Diet Plan for Dandruff-Free Hair

Dandruff and Diet : Your Diet Plan for Dandruff-Free Hair

Are you the one fed up of fighting with dandruff trying only hair treatments at home? By this time you would have certainly planned to visit dandruff doctor too.

Before that, you should be aware of ‘diet dandruff cure’. Yes, simple diet changes can cure dandruff. Handling dandruff only through home remedies is not possible enough to go dandruff-free faster. Follow a special diet for dandruff control along with your regular hair treatments for dandruff.

 Limit Sugar, Carb, Bad Fats Intake

Lowering sugar, carb, bad fats intake will bring in effective changes in your dandruff condition. It will minimize fungal flakes and prevent its growth too. Bad fats, fried foods, gluten, processed food will trigger inflammation and fungal growth. So, restrict yourself from these foods for a while and you will really wonder of seeing good changes in your health as well in your dandruff condition.

Say NO to Yeast-Containing Foods

Most important thing to stop dandruff naturally through food is, you must avoid yeast containing foods like bread, wine, beer, alcohol, sweets. It will worsen dandruff condition by increasing fungal growth. So, stay away from these foods to get dandruff-free hair.

Anti-Oxidants and Healthy Fat Rich Diet

The best diet for dandruff is anti-oxidants rich diet. You also need to add good amount of healthy fats, fibre to the anti-dandruff diet. Foods rich in Omega-3,6 fats are proved to promote hair and scalp health. It is also good for reducing scalp inflammation and flares. Walnuts, peanuts, olive oil, flax seeds, salmon etc are the best foods for curing dandruff.

Essential for Dandruff: Biotin, Zinc and Vitamin B

Best Dandruff and Diet Plan

Essential minerals like zinc, biotin certainly helps to improve scalp health and prevent dandruff. By eating a super-food egg everyday you can get rich amounts of biotin and vitamin B. Oysters, red meat, beans, nuts (peanuts), cereals contain zinc mineral which helps to control fungal growth. Also, doctors prescribe zinc supplements, zinc-rich shampoos to decrease dandruff flakes and flares. Vitamin B6 rich in wheat germ is one of the best food to fight dandruff.

Ginger and Garlic

Adding ginger and garlic in daily cooking give you multiple health benefits. Natural anti-fungal compound present in ginger and garlic is an effective food in getting rid of dandruff. You can also follow home remedies for dandruff that contains ginger and garlic.

Fruits for Fighting Dandruff

Eating fruits like apple, banana, papaya, avocado really helps to control dandruff as they are rich in essential vitamins for hair. Anti-oxidants, amino acids, vitamins B6, A, C, E rich in these fruits fight against dandruff causing yeasts. You can also blend any of these fruit with yoghurt, olive oil and apply a hair mask for dandruff.

Get rid of dandruff effectively with hair treatments as well as following these rules in dandruff diet! Go dandruff-free just in a couple of months!