Exercise Therapy for Fitness – Tips

Exercise Therapy is the best physical therapy for maintaining health and beauty. Exercising helps develop tiny blood vessels in our body to deliver extra oxygen which is required by the body and eliminate the waste materials from it. Even it helps storing more energy in the body in the form of Glycogen which gets stored in the muscles. Not just our muscles get stronger but also our vital internal organs also get much healthier and stronger and functions much more efficiently.

It is accepted that we have very busy schedule all through-out the day but we should try to fit in some exercises within our daily routine, like you can use the stairs instead of an elevator or an escalator, you can walk or cycle to your destination rather than using a motorized vehicle or much more simple try to stretch your body whenever you reach for something on the shelf. All of these are mild exercises that would help you stay fit even in your busy routine. Let’s see some of the exercises in brief.

• Stretching:

A very small and simple exercise. What you have to do here is simply stretch. Stretching in the morning awakens you, during the day releases tension and at night helps you sleep. It keeps your body graceful and firm. In the morning when you get up stretch gently first on one side and then on the other side. Stand up with your feet flat and try to reach for the ceiling. Stretch on one side and feel the pull from your fingertips to your feet and then do the same the other side. Continue for 10 counts and you are ready to go hale and hearty.

• Cycling:

In this exercise you will require a two wheeler machine that runs on purely human exerted energy. Cycling being considered the best exercise is not just an exercise but a heart treatment also. It increases the blood circulation in the body keeping your heart healthy and reducing the likelihood of heart attack.

• Walking:

The easiest exercise in the world requires not a single penny to be spent, for keeping you fit all through-out your lifetime. Walking not only exercises your muscles but also provides essential minerals to the bones when they are struck on the ground. The main function of walking is that helps you burn excessive cholesterol and fats in your body. But not just walking would help; you need to walk briskly because brisk walking is not just a mild exercise but also a good aerobic workout.


Skipping is the only exercise that provides you with full body fitness. It strengthens your lungs, legs and wrists, improves the circulation in the body, firms up the breasts, thighs and buttocks and tones your muscles. It also improves your concentration and hand –leg co-ordination. Jumping rope equals to 1km of jogging, 350 metres of swimming and half hour of continuous basketball.

• Breathing:

Don’t think too much. Breathing is also an exercise. But for that you need not only do normal breathing, you should Deep Breathe. Long inhales and long exhales help you take in more oxygen which is required by your body to function much more efficiently. Try deep breathing in the morning with fresh air and you will feel the difference.

The secret of Exercise Therapy is to develop interest in activities that requires vigorous movements of all kinds like swimming, dancing, yoga, karate, tennis, hiking, etc.