Fitness Myths That You Should Take Care

People today are a lot more concerned about their fitness and their physique. But with the concern comes Fitness Myths that are to be taken care of because these Myths can cost you your health. So let’s have a peek into some of these Fitness Myths and how they can be taken care of.

Myth no.1: Making the Gym your Second Home

As our Ancestors have said Excess of anything is BAD. The same concept applies over here. You need to train smart not just blindly train hard. Spending more time in the gym will lead you into trouble. Working hard is good, it builds your muscles but working too much hard leads to tissue break down leading to weight loss. Are you working out for more than an hour? Then i think you need to manage your workout properly.

Myth no.2: Latest Equipment Maximum Results

Latest Equipments always does not mean the best results. Yeah they do produce results but the best choices you can make are a pair of Dumbbells. The best, not so complex, easy on size, storage, transit and pocket. And the best of all it targets all the core muscles and also varieties of workout can be done.

Myth no.3: Cardio in your training means No Muscle Gain

People have misunderstood the concept of cardio exercises. Yeah it does burn your calories but that can be gained again in your diet. You should have your diet in such a way that you have a surplus of calories left after doing the cardio which prevents in extensive muscle breakdown.

Myth no.4: Work till your Muscle Failure

Again a concept taken wrong, working out till your muscles shout STOP! means you are over training. You need to have a moderate workout plan so that neither you do less nor more. Never get tempted to push yourself much in order to get that muscle; it just looks good in a Movie strip.

Myth no.5: Obesity Inherited

People believe that if Parents are obese the off-spring is ought to be the same. Yeah genetically its true but it is in the hands of the Dear Off-springs to cut that chain. Simply breaking the couch all day long won’t do any good. In a world where you are surrounded by technology you are ought to become a couch potato, a “Fat” one. So skip your bowl of Junk and train to become a Hunk. So these were some of the most common Fitness Myths that are to be taken care of to get that shape right.