Herbal Food for Healthy Uterus and Ovaries

Herbal Food for Healthy Uterus and Ovaries

This natural tonic is the best syrup for healthy uterus and ovaries. Women work throughout the day restlessly taking care of the whole day’s work. Now-a-days, a woman has to play double role having huge responsibility at home and at work as well. It is very necessary to take care of women’s health by themselves before any symptom steps up with caution. Healthy foods are not only consumed in the forms of fruits. At times, we need to consider food as a medicine for our health.

The preparation given below is from the traditional Ayurvedic (Siddha) formulations. Women following this method at an early stage can keep uterus healthy. Today many women are suffering from cancer in uterus due to unhealthy food habits and lifestyle. Drinking this home-made syrup daily will keep your uterine healthy.

As a female attains the stage of menstrual cycle, she starts to lose plenty of blood. So, it is commonly understood that women are more prone to anemia and anemic related issues. Today, it has become a habit for us to take over the counter (OTC) medicines and tonics that contains iron. We forget about the nutritional facts that are present in our foods.

How to Prepare Natural Tonic for Healthy Uterus & Ovaries

Before preparing the natural nutritional tonic, be ready with the following ingredients:

  • Pomegranate
  • Hibiscus Flower – (Use only red color flowers)
  • Sugar

This is the best and good food that can keep your uterus and ovary healthy. Consuming this on a regular basis can even cure any uterus problems that you may already have. Natural remedial methodology even assures you on the benefit of using this tonic. One may don’t even have to look out for treatment for cancer of the uterus had this been taken regularly.

Procedure to Prepare the Natural Tonic for Uterus Health

  • Peel off the pomegranate and have seeds in a bowl. Take few petals of hibiscus flower. Remember that you must only take single-petal hibiscus flower. Now, grind the pomegranate and hibiscus to make it as a paste.
  • In a separate vessel, take four glasses measuring sugar and add one glass of water with it. Boil it now and keep stirring this until it dissolves well to become a sugar syrup.
  • Add the pomegranate-hibiscus paste with this sugar syrup while it is still boiling.
  • After you get the thick syrup with the mixture of pomegranate, hibiscus and sugar; let it to get cool. Once the thick syrup gets cool, store this syrup (Madhula Manapagu – in Siddha) in a bottle.

How to Take this Syrup?

You can have it on a daily basis or as required mixing about 2-3 teaspoons of this syrup in a glass of water. Add 2-3 spoons of this syrup in a glass of water, mix it well and drink. This tonic/syrup is the best source to strengthen your uterus. Apart from that this natural health syrup gives you iron and zinc supplement which is much required for women.

Consume this both morning and in the evening/night before bedtime. This will take care of your anemia that is caused due to the blood loss. Especially, women who are having heavy blood flow during menstrual cycle must have this syrup.

Uterus pain and uterus diseases occur due to the malnutrition to your uterus. Uterus symptoms of abnormality occurs as women loses iron from her body continuously during her menstrual cycle. Spend some time to study the uterus facts to keep it healthy forever. This tonic or natural food is not just for uterus though it gives complete strength to your body as well. This natural tonic keeps you healthy, restoring the minerals lost from your body. Further, it gives you required amount of iron and zinc to keep you fit and healthy. This will be the best food for healthy uterus and ovaries.