How to Get Rid of Sun Tan Naturally – Home Remedies

Sun tans are caused of over-exposure to sun without taking skin protection. Difference in skin tone which is known as suntans should be treated with best home remedies. Lighten skin tone and remove sun tans and improve your complexion. Get rid of sun tan naturally with these effective and best home remedies.

Skin Care Tip: Apply sunscreen (with high SPF) regularly to get rid of suntans naturally.

Home Remedies to Get Rid of Sun Tan Naturally

Sun Tan Removal Home Remedy #1:

Mix equal quantity of lemon juice, rose water and cucumber juice. Apply the solution to skin with cotton balls. Apply 3-4 coats on tanned (discolored) skin. On applying, skin gets perfect coolness and gently exfoliate skin with soft bristled brushes to remove darkness. Get rid of sun tan naturally with this easy and effective home treatment. Apply moisturizer and

Sun Tan Removal Home Remedy #2:

Add a small amount of oats in buttermilk and mix well. Scrub well on the skin where dark patches and suntans have appeared. Adding honey to the mixture will add-on more effect in making skin tone even. This treatment can be followed for keeping skin healthy during summers. Oats mixture will exfoliate skin and improve skin tone. Buttermilk soothes suntans and keeps skin hydrated.

Sun Tan Removal Home Remedy #3:

Equal quantity of milk powder, almond oil, lemon juice and honey and mix well. Leave the mixture for few minutes. These home ingredients helps to get fair and tan-free skin. This home remedy gives mild bleaching effect to get rid of sun tan naturally. It gently bleaches skin and removes sun tan in a natural way. Skin also gets good glow and freshness after trying this home tip.

Sun Tan Removal Home Remedy #4:

Mix cold milk and olive oil. Blend well and use facial brush to apply on skin tans. Gently massage skin with the brush. Olive oil rich in skin care nutrients excellently helps to get rid of sun tan naturally. Milk moisturizers skin deeply and increases skin tone. Also, use apricot, walnut scrubs which are readily available in online beauty stores to treat sun tans fast.

Sun Tan Removal Home Remedy #5:

Prepare a fresh mask with curd, sugar turmeric powder. Anti-bacterial agent present in turmeric cleanses skin well and serves as soothing agent. Using curd in the facial helps to get smooth, soft and glowing skin naturally. Sugar scrubs skin gently and removes darkness. Apply this scrub on tanned skin and scrub well for 5 minutes. This is a best anti-tan pack to get rid of sun tan naturally.

These best home remedies to get rid of sun tan naturally gives effective results on routine use. Try these sun ran removal home treatments once in a week and get even tone, fair skin!