Healthy Facts and Benefits of Honey

Honey is considered the world’s oldest natural sweetener. It is created with the mixture of 600 different pure compounds. It is said that the purest of honey never decomposes or decays or never gets bad. It is even said that there is a river of honey flowing in the heavens. So now you would have got how much healthy is honey. We have considered honey as one of the super foods. Let’s see some of the healthy facts about honey.

Reduces gastrointestinal diseases and ulcers: Most of the bacterial gastrointestinal disorders are prevented by consumption of honey. This is because honey is anti bacterial. When bees produce honey they add an enzyme to it which makes it anti bacterial.

Prevents heart diseases and regulates blood sugar: Honey contains so many nutrients, flavouroids and antibodies that help prevent heart diseases. Even though honey is so sweet it contains only simple sugar. The fructose and glucose content is so much exact that it helps regulate our blood sugar levels.

Natural medicine: Honey can be applied externally on burns and wounds. Honey has the effect of silver sulfadiazene which helps to heal wounds very easily. Even the glycogen levels in honey are
so perfect that it provides you with nice amount of energy when you are at workout.

But though there are many benefits of honey, you should be also cautious when you consume it. It is better not to give honey to infants. Spores of botulinum have been found in small percentage in honey. This is not dangerous to adults and older children but it is preferred not to give to infants.

Honey being a sweetener means it contains high level of calories. So if you love your zero size figure then have honey in an optimum quantity. It is even debated that cooking honey is not good for health. It is found that when honey is heated above 108 degree celcius it becomes a sticky glue like substances which is hard to digest.

So though there is a river of honey flowing in the heavens, but on earth excess of honey can have adverse effects also. Thus honey with healthy facts have some disadvantages when only taken in large quantities.