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Help Children with Hair Loss – Causes

Help Children with Hair Loss – Causes

The right diagnosis will help to treat children with hair loss. Adults generally see hair loss as a sign of lost youth and so consider it to be an inevitable part of the aging process. When it comes to kids, they feel highly betrayed and they begin to worry that their youthfulness is slipping away from them, before they try out different dressing in their hair.

To prevent them from getting too much worried, it is important parents of children with hair loss should seek medical help to identify the cause for the same.

Before seeking medical help, it would be better for parents to get an understanding of the different issues that can lead to hair loss in children

Children with Hair Loss – Causes

Identifying the causes for children with hair loss problem is very important to stop affecting children furthermore.

Tinea Capitis

The common name for this condition is ringworm. This is nothing, but the fungal infection often found in children that lead to hair loss in them. Even though, this condition can show up itself in a number of ways, one of the most commonly found symptoms is scaly patches of hair loss on the head. The patches can generally be in oval or round shape. Parents can identify patches of black dots on the scalp, wherein the hairs would have already broken off.

Alopecia Areata

When the immune system of the body affects its own hair follicles, it is termed as alopecia areata, wherein hair loss will happen. For children with this condition, parents can notice sudden patches of oval or round hair loss. The patches will be smooth and silky and most of the children with this condition will also have folding and hollow nails. Even though, there is no permanent treatment for this condition, the treatment can control the disease and will help children to regain their hair within a year.


This is a hair loss condition that arises due to dragging, pulling out, winding or rasping. In this condition, kids will experience broken hair of varying length and the loss of hair will happen in patches. These patches can generally be found on the side of the child’s dominant hand.

This condition can be triggered by the stressors experienced by the kid in his/her life. For instance, some instances that can create stress in small kids are birth of a sibling, loss of grandfather/mother or even you might have noticed your child pulling her hair whenever you scold her. The relieving news for parents having children with hair loss caused due to Trichotillomania is that it can be treated with the help of counselling. Counselors can rightly identify the source that triggered stress and will help her get out of the stress to relieve of her habit.

The other conditions that lead to hair loss are Telogen effluvium, endocrine problems and nutritional deficiency like iron, zinc and vitamin deficiency. So, parents fearing about their children with hair loss should take the help of a pediatrician to identify which of these conditions are causing hair loss and should get the same appropriately treated.