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Best Natural Home Remedies for Asthma

Best Natural Home Remedies for Asthma

I found many home remedies for asthma that relieves your cough and breathing problem temporarily. This Sidha method of home remedy completely relieves the asthma and cough making you feel better.

It was just last 2 nights I have been suffering from shortness of breath during night hours. I’m a fitness freak though, no clues to understand why have I been suffering with this problem. One possible reason could be the recent climatic change. The symptoms with cough and nose block was there for a week. As far as asthma is concerned there are chronic and acute types. It is advisable to take proper care and precaution once you doubt your asthmatic symptoms. There are medicines to relieve you from asthmatic attack. However, these medicines may not cure the asthma completely. Home remedies will certainly help you to get rid of asthma completely.

For certain ailments, home remedies are more powerful than clinical ones. Home remedies for asthma is of that kind for a complete cure. Sidha or ayurvedic procedures are effective in controlling asthma. Once you feel that you have an asthmatic symptom or if you already have asthma, these remedies will definitely help you.

The below video which shows the home remedies for asthma and cough is recorded in a different language. I have translated the procedures down. This Sidha-based home remedy works and relieves you from asthma.

Instant Home Remedies for Asthma and Cough


Thing you need to prepare this asthma relieving syrup:

  • Clearing Nut Powder (Botanical Name: Strychnos Potatorum)
  • Country Borage/Mexican Mint Leaves (Botanical Name: Plectranthus amboinicus)
  • Honey
  • Glass of Water

How to Prepare this Asthma Curing Syrup/Juice?

Home Remedies for Asthma

Take half a spoon of “clearing-nut” powder and one Mexican mint leaf (into pieces). Add one glass of water in the bowel and boil this mixture. After boiling the Mexican Mint and clearing-nut powder mixture in water, filter it out in a glass. Finally add sufficient quantity of honey with it.

How to Consume it the Asthma Relieving Syrup?

  • Kids/children: Give about 30ml of this syrup.
  • Adults: Take about 50ml of this syrup.

This natural medicine has to be taken in empty stomach twice a day; morning and evening/night.

Clearing nut has got the expectorant property which is very natural. This powder is naturally capable of diluting the phlegm in your lungs. It’s expectorant property crushes any solid property of phlegm present in your lungs and will bring it out of your body. This relieve the chest tightness of asthmatic patients. Though the medicinal property of “clearing-nut” is very strong, this can be given to children as well in case of severe cough. “Clearing-nut” is used for many other lung related diseases in Sidha medicinal practice.

The mixture of “clearing-nut” powder with Mexican mint will completely cure cough. Phlegm will be cleared from your lungs. Upon consuming, the respiratory tract is cleared for easy breathing. This syrup also enhances the respiratory tract. Other than asthmatic troubles this syrup can be consumed for normal cough as well.

Though there are many home remedies for asthma, this method really works and will relieve your asthma completely with regular use for some period.