How to Comb and Brush Your Hair? – Tips

How to comb and brush your hair? Knowing hair brushing and combing techniques are essential to maintain hair health. It is very important to boost scalp health to grow hair. Hair and scalp gets more benefits when combing and brushing hair rightly. Here’s how to comb and brush your hair?

1. Do not over-brush the hair. It can lead to damage.

2. If you brush your hair before bed time then do it gently to remove the tangles if any.

3. Always use a wide-toothed comb on wet hair.

4. A brush that has widely-spaced tines can be used for detangling wet hair.

5. Sharing combs and brushes isn’t a good practice

6. Brushing helps to remove dirt from the scalp.

7. Brushing helps to distribute the natural oils produced by the follicles and glands of the scalp.

8. Brushing helps to stimulate the scalp to promote blood-flow and regulate the oil production.

9. Brushing hair tend to work faster at removing tangles and smoothing the hair.

10. Combing will take time at removing tangles.

11. Using a wide-toothed comb to detangle long hair is preferable.

12. When the hair is wet, it is swollen and weaker and brushing with bristled brushes can stretch and damage the hair.

Hair Care Myths

1. Brushing 100 strokes every night is good for hair growth

2. Daily hair brushing improves the growth of hair

3. Should not brush the hair when it is wet.

4. Combing the hair daily in a particular style will automatically train the hair for that style.

5. Brushing is better than combing.

These basic tips on ‘how to comb and brush your hair’ which helps more for hair growth in many ways.