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How to Cure Stretch Marks After Pregnancy

How to Cure Stretch Marks After Pregnancy

Stretch marks after pregnancy is a common problem of all new mothers. Many might have been searching for how to get rid of pregnancy stretch marks! Some would have tried applying stretch mark creams for few days and say it is impossible to get rid of it. Who said stretch marks cannot be erased?

You can surely get rid of post pregnancy stretch marks with these proven natural treatments. These post pregnancy stretch mark home remedies also helps to get rid of weight loss stretch marks. Ditch those reddish wavy lines on skin and make skin soft, smooth and silky!

Cocoa Butter & Shea Butter

First and foremost what you have to do to remove pregnancy stretch marks is, keep skin sufficiently hydrated. Moisturize stretch mark areas with rich body butters. Applying moisturizing creams for stretch marks tend to fade away over the period of time. Try it for 30 days and notice visible changes. This is one of the best beauty tricks to get rid of stretch marks after pregnancy.

Wheat Germ Oil

Wheat germ oil is an effective home remedy for post pregnancy stretch marks. Apply wheat germ oil on stretch marks as it repairs skin and restore the elasticity effectively. Lavishly apply wheat germ oil on stomach, legs and other stretch mark regions and massage well. Follow this after pregnancy stretch mark removal home remedy every day morning before bathing. It gives good results just in a month.

Vitamin C

Ways to Cure Stretch Marks After Pregnancy

Vitamin C greatly helps to increase collagen production which erase stretch marks after pregnancy unbelievably. Vitamin C rich citrus peel powder scrub treatment on stretch marks is an effective home remedy. Also, dilute and use best citrus oil ‘lemongrass oil’ for repairing stretch marks naturally. Your stretch marks removal diet must include Vitamin C rich foods such as lemon, oranges, grapes etc.

Aloe Vera

Use pure, fresh aloe vera for stretch marks after pregnancy. Many clinical studies have proved that using aloe vera gel gets rid of stretch marks. It effectively cures overstretched skin and removes stretch marks. It also stimulates cell regeneration which helps to eliminate stretch marks after pregnancy. Mix aloe gel with any of these home ingredients (coffee powder, olive oil, lemon juice, vitamin E capsules, cocoa butter) and apply on stretched skin. Also, using aloe vera cream for stretch marks is a natural way to get rid of it.

Glycolic Acids, Relastin, Peptides and Retinoids

Dermatologists prescribe stretch marks removal creams and lotions that contain these prime skin repairing ingredients. Glycolic acids, relastin, peptides and retinoids effectively stimulate collagen production which is a tonic for skin cell repair. Active formulation of these ingredients in stretch marks creams repair loose stretch skin after delivery and restores elastin into skin naturally. You can also simply shop stretch mark creams, lotions online by checking any of these active ingredients contained in it. Apply the stretch mark cream at night and massage for few minutes. Skin absorbs all essentials and gives fast and effective results just in a month. Say good bye to stretch marks and hello to soft, smooth skin!