How to Prepare Quick 4 pm Snack Ideas to Keep You Awake

It’s 4 pm. Only a couple of hours to go before you leave your office. But there’s work to finish. You’re hungry but you need to be alert enough to complete your tasks.

Wondering how that’s possible? Try snacking on some of these high-protein options. Proteins take a while to digest and therefore make you feel full. They can also keep those sweet cravings away.

So keep your stomach feeling full and your brains awake with these snacks. And these are the snack ideas to keep you awake.

Salted Peanuts

They are a good source of dietary proteins. Avoid the processed packets. Instead, boil raw peanuts with a little salt and add a pinch of chilli powder. You can even roast them with salt and chilli powder to taste. Store the roasted peanuts in a box and pack them for your snack time.

Sautéed Green Peas

If you can shell fresh green peas and use them, great! But if you can’t, then use frozen peas instead. Sauté in a little olive oil. Temper with cumin seeds, salt and a pinch of chilli powder or black pepper powder. There’s your green source of protein!

Masala Sprouts

Steamed sprouts are perhaps the best blend of health and taste. But you’ll need to plan this at least a couple of days before hand. Add some salt, lemon and cumin powder or chaat masala to your steamed sprouts. If you’re eating at home, feel free to add finely chopped onion, tomato, green chilli and coriander.

Salted Curd or Yogurt

In case you have lactose intolerance or are prone to acne, you can leave this out. But if that is not a problem, then add a little black salt and cumin powder to the curd or yogurt. Avoid flavoured or sweetened yogurt.


Soak a handful of almonds overnight. Peel them and break off the tips. Snack on these power-packed nuts at 4 pm. Just chewing on them will make you feel full.

If you are allergic to nuts, legumes and any kind of protein, you can avoid these snacks completely. Opt for fruits or salads instead.


If you always find yourself feeling drowsy after lunch, then you are probably consuming more carbohydrates at lunch. You can cut down on the bread, rotis and rice and include more proteins. Eat more of soy, paneer (cottage cheese), tofu, lentils, legumes, eggs, fish and chicken at lunch. Here are some snack ideas to keep you awake to serve your childrens.