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How to Put on Weight Fast the Healthy Way

How to Put on Weight Fast the Healthy Way

Some people are struggling to shed pounds whereas some other are striving hard to put on pounds! One of the top weight gain tips is, eat whatever you want and eat more. This will gain you bulk weight especially belly stomach which makes you look abnormally fat and also hard to get rid of it. If you choose healthy ways to put on weight then you can visibly find the difference in your body that looks good and adds charm to your figure.

Eventhough you want to put on weight fast don’t serve your stomach unless it asks for it. It is a very bad health mistake which often people do to gain weight faster. Instead, what you need to do is, increase your appetite! Start to eat at regular intervals of time and make it a habit. Adding few weight gain exercises along with these foods will multiply the weight gain benefits.

Healthy Ways to Put on Weight Fast

Healthy Ways to Put on Weight Fast

Weight Gain Tip #1: Milky Way

Choose milky way to put on weight fast as it safe and healthy weight loss food. Milk is an excellent source of protein, calcium, carbs and other essential nutrients. Drink whole milk instead of skimmed or fat-free. Combine high carb fruits like apples, bananas, mangoes with whole milk and enjoy the lip-smacking milk shake or smoothie recipes for gaining weight quickly. Add natural honey instead of sugar. Also, drinking almond milk, soy milk to gain weight is one of the effective foods to put on weight fast.

Weight Gain Tip #2: Daily Dairy

Adding some amounts of dairy products everyday is a good way to gain weight healthily. Butter, cheese, paneer, mayonnaise and other dairy foods help to maintain health as well to gain healthy weight. Consuming in moderation is always essential. Also, enjoy ice creams once in a while to make your weight gain diet a delicious one.

Weight Gain Tip #3: Egg Delights

Make your morning weight gain breakfast filled with eggs in various forms. Add some cheese toppings and herb seasonings. Know best way to eat eggs to gain weight. It greatly helps body to enjoy good health and weight gain benefits. Eating eggs everyday is a best way for skinny people gain weight.

Weight Gain Tip #4: Spicy Chicken

Protein rich chicken is an excellent option for weight gainers. It is the must-have food for body builders. Eating chicken breast gain weight effectively. So, make your lunch complete with few boiled and spiced chicken pieces.

Weight Gain Tip #5: Nutz and Dried Fruits

Always have a mini box full of assorted nuts in your bag. Just snack a handful of nuts whenever you feel little hungry. It is one of the guaranteed tips to gain weight fast and healthy. Cashews, almonds, walnuts, raisins, figs, dates are the best healthiest nuts for weight gain.

Weight Gain Tip #6: Fruity Delight

Choose best fruits to gain weight and prepare delicious shakes and smoothies. Fruits like banana, mangoes, chickoo, avocados, grapes, papaya contain healthy high calories. Add milk, make smoothies or shakes and top-it with nuts and dark chocolates. Daily enjoy a cup of any fruits delighted drinks. It can help you gain weight easily fast in a fun-filled way.

Weight Gain Tip #7: Energizers 

Eat energy bars for healthy weight gain! Also, drinking energy drinks is a best option for gaining weight. Make your energy drink at home adding best weight gain powder with milk. It not only gains weight it completely makes health good by boosting body metabolism and immune powder. Consume it in evenings and keep your body energy-filled.

In order to gain weight gain, do not over-consume anything. Eating in moderation is advised. Above said that best proven ways to put on weight fast the healthy way! Kick start! Happy weight gain!