How to Store Meat to Last Longer and Taste Better

Every type of meat is different when it comes to storage. To prevent health hazards arising from eating non-vegetarian food, it is important to know how to store meat correctly.
Here are five tips on how to store meat so that it lasts longer and tastes better:

1. Air-tight containers:

In general, raw and uncured meat can remain up to three days in your freezer. Use air-tight containers to store and freeze raw meat.

2. Right temperatures:

How long uncooked meat can stay fresh in your refrigerator also depends on the temperatures of your freezer and refrigeration compartment.
Maintaining the temperature of the freezer closer to 0 degree Fahrenheit will keep the meat fresh and preserve most of its nutrients. The refrigeration compartment must be maintained slightly above freezing temperature, up to 34 degree Fahrenheit. This will increase the shelf-life of the meat.

3. Storing cooked meat in the freezer:

While some of us may find this fact unappetizing, cooked meats can actually last much longer if they are frozen. Uncooked meat can last for months together.

4. Checking the refrigerator:

If meat is a part of your daily meals, it makes perfect sense to check the contents of your refrigerator every day. Pushing cooked meat to the back of the fridge and then forgetting about it can be very hazardous to health.
As a rule, don’t store – cooked poultry and fish for more than 4 days or cooked beef for over 4 days in the refrigeration compartment.
Also, do not store – uncooked poultry, fish or beef for more than 2 days in the refrigeration compartment.

5. Use separate containers:

Store your vegetables and meat in separate containers. Wash the meat containers very thoroughly because germs can spread easily. Also wash your hands frequently while handling meat. Avoid using the same containers, chopping boards or cookware for vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods.
Follow these five tips on how to store meat for more nutritious and tastier food – and for a healthy kitchen.