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How to Use Beer for Hair Wash – Benefits

How to Use Beer for Hair Wash – Benefits

Is beer beneficial for hair? Do you use beer only as a beverage? Beer is a best hair care ingredient too. Beer is actually brewed from cereals like barley and wheat. Beer contains only very less amount of alcohol content and it is widely considered as a common beverage all over the world. Uses of beer on hair are really amazing. Oldest and common alcoholic drink beer does many help in maintaining hair health. Firstly, know how to use beer for hair wash and its benefits for hair!

How Beer is Beneficial for Hair?

Vitamin B and proteins nourished in beer is very useful for hair care. It helps to maintain scalp pH, prevents fungal and scalp infections. Also, beer helps to treat dry damaged hair problems faster. Using beer for hair makes hair more voluminous and shiner. Natural sugars present in beer strengthen hair strands, hair follicles and hair cuticles. Vitamins essential for hair are richly present in beer. So, beer is good for hair care.

How to Use Beer for Hair Care?

How to use beer for hair wash. You can use beer on hair in many ways like adding with other hair care ingredients. Beer shampoos are now available in the market. Follow these simple steps to use beer on hair. Using readymade beer shampoo for hair is beneficial. You can also buy original beer and directly rinse your hair and scalp with it.

While rinsing gently massage scalp. Massaging scalp for 10 minutes while rinsing helps hair to absorb full benefits of beer on hair. Beer penetrating deep into scalp gives perfect nourishment and greatly conditions hair. Make final rinse with warm water and dry hair. Beer hair rinse make hair soft, thick and shiny.

Benefits of Beer for Hair

Using beer shampoos and beer hair rinse are the best hair treatments to get best benefits of beer. Beer is good for hair care and it helps to fix many hair problems. Look out the benefits of beer for hair!

  • Cures dandruff, scalp itchiness, fungal infections effectively.
  • Helps excellently for hair growth by rejuvenating scalp.
  • Adds more volume to hair and makes hair bouncier.
  • Cleanses hair well and removes dirt, dead cells and over greasiness.
  • Softens hair strands and makes you feel silky and soft hair.
  • Repairs damaged hair strands faster.
  • Maintains good hair and scalp health.
  • Deeply conditions hair and makes hair look lustrous.

How to Prepare Homemade Beer Shampoo

  • Take a cup of beer and boil it well for 15 minutes.
  • Allow it shrink a little and cool down.
  • Mix it well with a cup of shampoo [You can use beer shampoo for best benefits]
  • Homemade beer shampoo is ready!

Tips to Make Beer Hair Rinse Effective

  • Boil beer well, allow it cool and apply beer directly on hair. Boiling beer helps to lower its alcoholic content and cares hair well.
  • Fill beer in a spray bottle and use it as a ready-made conditioner. Just spray on hair whenever needed!
  • Avoid over usage of beer on hair as it makes hair dry by sucking out natural oil from scalp.