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How to Use Onion for Hair Growth and Hair Loss

How to Use Onion for Hair Growth and Hair Loss

Does onion for hair growth really helps? Most people are not aware that onion is a natural cure for severe hair problems like excessive hair loss, baldness, alopecia. Onion is a powerful and natural home medicine to regrow hair naturally. Trending hair restoration treatments are using onion juice for hair growth.

If you opt for hair transplants for hair loss or baldness problem, try onion for hair growth before you go for other hair loss treatments. You can really save hair transplant cost using onion for your hair loss problems effectively. Mostly home remedies are the best ways to care for hair to prevent side effects. Onion for hair growth is one such natural and wondrous home remedy for faster hair regrowth.

How Onion for Hair Growth Works?

How onion is helping to stop hair loss and regrow hair? Many researches proved that using onion for hair loss has numerous positive effects in regrowing hair naturally. It is totally very safe and natural method to get hair back. Whereas other hair loss treatments give allergies and side effects as they contain many potent chemicals.

To promote hair growth without hair transplant and hair restoration treatments, use onion as a natural solution for hair loss problems. Onion is an effective home remedy for hair loss, hair thinning, hair baldness, bald patches, alopecia and excessive hair fall problems caused of dandruff, fungal infections, scalp infections, scalp psoriasis and yeast infections. It is proved that onion juice is also effective to cure baldness and prevent premature hair graying.

How Applying Onion Juice Help for Hair Growth?

  • Onions are very rich in sulfur content.
  • Applying onion juice perfectly nourish scalp with good sulphur content.
  • Sulphur on scalp reacts well and boost collagen production which naturally induce hair regrowth.
  • Onion juice also strengthen hair follicles and promote hair growth excellently.
  • Anti-bacterial properties present in onion juice prevent hair loss caused of fungal infections.
  • Natural nutrients nourished in onion juice helps for hair health and prevent hair fall problems.

Hair Treatments with Onion for Hair Growth

Home – hair treatments with onion juice helps to grow hair faster. Pure extract of onion juice is required for onion juice scalp treatment. Along with onion juice extract adding other natural home hair care ingredients multiply hair growth results.

#1: Onion Juice Honey and Lemon for Hair Growth

Onion juice and honey hair growth treatment is a proven hair regrowth remedy. Mix ¼ cup of onion juice with 2 spoons of honey and add 3 drops of lemon juice. Mix well and apply on scalp. Massage for 10 minutes and wash off after 30 minutes. Rich onion juice – honey nourishes hair and scalp and stop hair loss problems instantly in first 2 washes. This recipe can also be consumed raw as best juice for hair growth. Onion juice and honey is the top home remedy for all hair loss and hair fall problems. Try onion juice and honey remedy for hair growth twice in a week for 3 weeks to get visible results. Or buy Propecia Finasteride online for hair loss treatment.

#2: Onion Juice Hair Rinse

How to make onion juice for hair growth naturally? Onion juice – hair rinse works effectively in vitalizing hair with essential nutrients. Take a cup of finely chopped onions and add 1 glass of beer or rum. Mix well and leave it for overnight. Next morning strain it and apply the onion juice concoction on scalp and hair after shampooing in wet hair. Massage for 5 minutes and wash off with plain water. It helps to control hair loss faster.

#3: Onion Juice and Essential Oils

Hair treatment with onion juice and any aromatic oils helps to stop hair loss effectively. Scalp needs nutrient-rich oils to grow properly. Onion juice and coconut oil or almond oil or olive oil – hair treatment works well to treat dry, damaged hair problems. Natural oils with onion juice strengthen hair roots and makes hair healthy.

Bottom Line: Adding onions in daily diet also helps for hair health in many ways. Eating raw onions benefits more to gets its full nutrients. Add raw onions in daily diet as salads. Also, do not over apply onion juice on scalp in the notion of hair growth. Hair care treatments with onion juice twice a week are advised. As it is a natural cure for hair loss problems, it takes time to give visible results. Try onion juice for hair growth regularly for two months and stop hair loss and regrow hair faster.