Is it Healthy to Lose Weight by Starving Yourself?

Is it Healthy to Lose Weight by Starving Yourself?

It’s a wide thought that starving may help you lose weight. Is it healthy to lose weight without eating? People find it the easy way to lose weight rather than tiring exercises and work outs.To lose weight you need to lower your calorie intake than you can burn. So obviously starving will help you lose weight instantly. But the weight you lose so soon in starving comes back soon as it went when you are back to normal diet. Well you can see that it’s not a perfect way to lose weight. According to experts any weight lost above ½ pound per day is water, so once you fill it up with water again it will most likely increase the lost weight.

Is it Healthy to Lose Weight Without Eating?

Is it Healthy to Lose Weight without Eating?

Beware of Consequences: When you starve the body will get prepared for the famine. It will break down the muscles instead of the extra fat to keep it in use for the later use. It will result in very less weight loss. When you get back to your routine diet after your starving, the body will keep your fat in reserve for the next starvation period resulting in increase of weight. When you starve it will affect all your metabolic activities. A woman needs 1200 calorie per day and a man needs 1500 calorie per day for activities like breathing, cellular repair, hormone production and pumping blood.

Starving will make you nutrient deficient, weak, tired and cause nausea, irritability, depression, dizzy and the extreme may even be fatal. Your aim is not just to lose weight but also to be healthy. Starvation for a long period is not recommended since it will put you in to serious health conditions and may even cause death.

Safe and Steady Weight Loss: It is desirable to lose weight in a steady pace than losing it altogether. The body will not be able to cope up with the sudden drastic change in the body. The body will rather easily get accustomed to smaller weight loss in a regular interval of time. Instead of starving cutting out calories to some 500 to 800 calories from 1200 calories may help you lose reasonable weight.

Avoid having foods rich in fat. Instead increase proteins. The body burns the protein easily than the fat. Take food rich in fibre contents like vegetables and fruits. Follow simple workouts. Change your lifestyle. Do your chores yourself. Choose to walk instead of car and bus. Calorie deficit foods are perfect for the diet.

So go for a steady strategy plan to lose weight slowly. Avoid starving to death to lose weight.