What to do to Make Your Teeth Whiter with Fruits

It is very easy to make your teeth whiter with fruits. Yes! you can get white teeth at home with natural fruits. Teeth whitening with fruits is a safe and fruitful way to make your teeth whiter. Try these best home remedies for white teeth with fruits. Let your teeth enjoy the juice and get rid of stains naturally!

5 Fruits to Make Your Teeth Whiter

#1: Banana for Teeth Whitening

High energy and minerals filled in banana help for natural teeth whitening in home. Easy way to get away stains on teeth is treating teeth with banana peel. Teeth whitening with banana gives amazing results. Make your teeth whiter with banana fruit. Banana peel contains more potassium and rich amount of magnesium. These two amazing elements makes your teeth whiter at home. Try banana peel teeth whitening home treatment.

#2: Orange for Teeth Whitening

Vitamin C enriched in Orange plays vital role in the natural teeth whitening treatments. Several beneficial vitamins present in orange and its peel greatly paves for whitening teeth at home. Oranges peels are used in many dental care products as it fades off stains more effectively. Orange peel contains miraculous Albedo component that simply eliminates yellowteeth and makes your teeth whiter naturally.

#3: Lemon for Teeth Whitening

Lemon is the best natural home remedy to make your teeth whiter at home. Perfect bleaching effect naturally nourished in the lemon wondrously helps for teeth whitening. Yellowish lemons throw away bad stains. Use lemon salt, lemon juice with very little baking soda to make teeth bright and white. Also, add few drops of  lemon juice with the toothpaste and brush your teeth.

#4: Strawberry for Teeth Whitening

Make your teeth whiter with lovely strawberries. Reddish strawberries gives you white teeth in a natural way. It lightens up your poorly stained teeth with the natural minerals present in strawberry. Smash strawberry fruit juice with fingers and add little amount of baking soda. Strawberry juice and baking soda together works well to make your whiter naturally.

#5: Pineapple for Teeth Whitening

Juicy pineapples helps to make your teeth whiter naturally. It is proved by researches that enzyme named Bromelain present in pines have natural stain removing ability. It also flushes bacterial particles on the teeth and helps to treat plague. Lighten your stains by polishing teeth frequently with pineapple juice.

Make your teeth whiter naturally with these fruits. Treat your teeth with these fruit juices to get whiter teeth. Whiten your teeth and brighten your smile!