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Aciphex is a modern medical product which is used for the treatment of the peptic ulcers on the mucosa of the gastro-intestinal tract. This medicine contains the active ingredient Rabeprazole.

Aciphex belongs to the group of the proton pump inhibitor. The pharmacological action of this medicine occurs by means of the decreased production of the hydrochloric acid.

Rabeprazole blocks the work of the proton pump in the cells of the mucosa of the gastro-intestinal tract which plays the main role in the production of the hydrochloric acid. A low concentration of the hydrochloric acid in the gastric juice does not influence on the gastro-intestinal tract but it helps to quickly and easily digest food.

If the excessive amount of the hydrochloric acid occurs in the gastric juice, it begins to fret the walls of the GIT and ulcer appear.

Aciphex has antisecretory characteristics and lowers the concentration of the hydrochloric acid in the gastric juice. It leads to the healing of ulcers and reduction of the symptoms of the ulcer disease of the stomach and duodenum: heart burning, stomachache, and internal bleeding.

Aciphex inhibits basal and stimulating secretion of the hydrochloric acid, and therefore a patient can be confident in the protection of the stomach within 24 hours if the medicine is used on a regular basis.

Indications for the use

Aciphex is prescribed for the treatment of the acid-resistant diseases of the gastro-intestinal tract:

  • Ulcer of stomach and duodenum (for the purposes of prevention and during the acute symptoms of the disease)
  • Gastroesophageal reflux disease
  • Acute condition of gastritis

Rabeprazole is also used for the prophylaxis of the GIT diseases in case of the high secretion of the gastric juice.

How and in what dose is Aciphex taken?

  • The active period of the action of the single dose of Aciphex is 24 hours. The medicine acts within a day as well as at night, and that is why it controls the night secretion of the hydrochloric acid
  • Aciphex should be taken in the morning, once per day, before meals
  • The optimal daily dose of Aciphex is 20 mg
  • The treatments lasts within 4 weeks, and then the treatment is terminated, and it is necessary to have a medical examination. If it is detected that ulcer are not completely healed, it is recommended to prolong the course of the treatment for 4 weeks.

The treatment is continued until ulcers are completely healed in the gastro-intestinal tract, and the patient will not have an acute pain in the stomach.


The prior examination is required in order to eliminate the malignant tumors in the gastro-intestinal tract. Using Aciphex, the symptoms of the tumor can be reduced, and a diagnosing of the disease will be complicated.

During the use of Aciphex, it is necessary to be cautious during the use of other medicines. Some drugs can cause an acute condition of the stomach ulcers, so that the pharmacological effect will be reduced.

Patients with severe chronic liver dysfunctions should be especially careful. Metabolism of Rabeprazole is made by liver, and therefore, in case of its dysfunction, an accumulation of the active ingredients can be gathered in the body leading to the overdose.

Effective treatment of the acid-resistant diseases of the GIT

Aciphex can lower the concentration of the hydrochloric acid in the gastric juice in the first day of the treatment. However, it order to have the maximal effect, it is necessary to follow diet, avoid stress and refuse from the strong pain-killing/anti-inflammatory drugs.

The use of the spicy, acid, and sweet food can cause an additional production of the gastric juice, and it will affect the walls of the GIT, so that the use of Aciphex will be useless.

Following a proper diet and avoiding stress, fast results can be achieved and a normal function of the digestion system will be completely restored within 4 weeks.


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