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Finpecia is a medication to treat male baldness. Finpecia is a pharmacological analog of the drug Propecia, which possesses the same properties and mechanism of action. The formula of Finpecia has the active substance Finasteride.

Finpecia was approved by the FDA for the treatment of androgenic type of baldness that occurs exclusively in males. It is believed that this type of alopecia is transmitted through men from generation to generation, and if your father or grandfather has this type of baldness, you will get as well.

Androgenic alopecia appears as a result of changes in the levels of male sex hormones. Gradually, the level of testosterone is decreased and the level of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is increased which destroys the hair follicles and block hair growth.

Under the action of DHT, healthy hair follicles stop producing new hair and they slowly begin to die off, which in turn leads to baldness.

Finpecia has the unique property to block this pathological process, through inhibition of the synthesis of DHT. Finpecia gradually reduces the level of DHT and increases the level of testosterone in men that allows to resume the activity of hair follicles and to improve hair growth.

Finpecia restrains the process of balding, and renews the hair growth on areas of baldness.

Finpecia provides specific action, so it can be used only in case of the form of androgenic alopecia, which is caused by the hormonal violation.

The clinical picture improved in a couple of months after the beginning of the therapy of Finpecia, but this drug has not 100% positive effect. After taking Finpecia, all processes in the body of a man recovered and in case of any androgenic violations the imbalance of testosterone and dihydrotestosterone may occur again.

Finpecia is well tolerated and has virtually no negative reactions in man, so you can take this drug for a long time, even when relapses of androgenic alopecia are occurred.

How to take Finpecia?

  • During treatment of androgenic alopecia, you should take a minimum daily dose of 1 mg Finpecia.
  • You can take 1 mg of Finpecia before and after the meal.
  • It is important to observe the regularity and do not miss a single day to control the process of reducing levels of dihydrotestosterone throughout the treatment period.
  • The first clinical effect can be seen in 2-3 months: hair is stopped to come out; hair will become healthy, stronger and dense.
  • If any changes during the first 2-3 months of treatment do not occur, the dosage of Finpecia to increase to 5 mg per day.
  • Duration of therapy of Finpecia 5 mg should not last more than 12 months.

In 9-12 months, you need to stop treatment and observe the results. If hair started to grow and no intense hair loss was noticed you should stop the process of treatment. If you notice an active stage of baldness you should repeat the treatment.


  • Finpecia is contraindicated in men under the age of 18 years
  • Finpecia strongly contraindicated in women as the main active ingredient Finasteride can cause hormonal disorders and cause pathologies in unborn fetus.
  • Prior to the treatment, you should make sure you do not have some malign prostate tumors.

Most men do not have any adverse reactions when taking Finpecia. The drug is well tolerated and does not cause drug’s addiction. In a few cases, you may receive some side effects during the first and the second week of treatment: pain in the breast gland, decreased libido, potency, rash and itchy skin.


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