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Lamictal is a medicine of the new generation which is applied to treat of epilepsy and bipolar disorders. Its main active ingredient is Lamotrigine.

Efficiency of Lamictal in treatment of convulsive attacks was proved by clinical lab tests; however scientists didn’t manage to find out the exact mechanism of action.

It is known that Lamictal stabilizes the work of neurons in the central nervous system and reduces their excess activity which leads to convulsive attacks. It occurs due to reduction of production of certain amino acids which cause a constant pulsation of neurons in the central nervous system.

Besides anticonvulsive activity, Lamictal stabilizes mood in patients with bipolar disorder. Lamictal softens recurrence of affective frustration, has anti-depressive effect, and reduces irritability, impulsiveness and other symptoms of frustration of mentality.

Who is prescribed Lamictal?

Lamictal is recommended for the use in patients older than 2 years for the treatment of common seizures, partial seizures and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome.

Patients older than 18 years, Lamictal are indicated for the treatment and prevention of the symptoms of bipolar disorder: mania, depression, motor stimulation, emotional instability.

In what dose and how to take Lamictal?

While getting of Lamictal patients should follow the individual instructions for the use. Dosage may be adjusted depending on the patient’s age, body weight, and severity of epilepsy.

  • Treatment of epilepsy in adults and children older than 2 years – the lowest daily dose of Lamictal 25 mg.
  • If during 2 weeks patient does not experience any adverse reactions, Lamictal dosage can be increased to 50 mg per day
  • The recommended dosage’s increase is possible until the optimum therapeutic level is reached. Standard supportive therapy Lamictal is 100-200 mg per day.
  • Lamictal maximum daily dose for the treatment of epilepsy is 500 mg per day. It is the maximum dose to relief acute seizures.

Combination therapy – Lamictal dosage should be reduced. The therapy depends on the individual epilepsy clinical signs of the disease and the patient’s sensitivity to Lamotrigine.

  • Treatment of bipolar disorder in adults older than 18 years – treatment is initiated with a dosage of 12.5 mg per day and was gradually increased to 100 mg.
  • Treatment is continued for 5-6 weeks.


Possible side effects

The drug Lamictal has a high level of pharmacological safety and has no contraindications. But at the beginning of the first 1-2 weeks, the patient must be ready for the appearance of certain side reactions.

Adverse reactions of medium intensity Lamictal (skin rash, irritability, anxiety, headache, fatigue, drowsiness, blurred vision, indigestion) do not require medical intervention.

Clinical experience shows that within 2-3 weeks, side effects are disappeared on their own, but can occasionally occur suddenly again for 1-2 days.

In case of more serious side effects: swelling, erythema, movement disorders, frequent seizures, it is necessary to stop the use of Lamictal and seek medical advice.

Serious adverse reactions may be caused by the individual intolerance of Lamotrigine, so to avoid undesirable reactions before starting treatment patients should check the sensitivity to the active ingredients of the drug and begin treatment with minimal doses.


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