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Propecia is a medical product for the treatment of alopecia in men. It contains the active ingredient finasteride.

The basic advantage of the medical treatment of alopecia is a cessation of alopecia without pain, cosmetic and operative processes.

According to data of scientists, 95% of balding men have androgenetic type of alopecia. This type of alopecia is considered hereditary and can be only in men. The basic cause is androgenic disorders. Propecia is used only during androgenic type of alopecia and is not able to treat areata, seborrhea or other forms of alopecia.

The main factor stimulating alopecia is a high level of dihydrotestosterone. This form the male sexual hormone is accumulated in the hair follicles, disorders the functioning of the oil glands in the head and the hair roots die.

Propecia acts to the cause of the hair loss. It blocks the work enzymes which turn testosterone into dihydrotestosterone, so that the hormone balance is restored. Due to the reduction of dihydrotestosterone, hair follicles restore their work and hair begins to grow.

If you have androgenic alopecia, you will stop hair loss with the help of Propecia in 99%. But the process can take a year, and therefore do not wait for the fast results.

How to use Propecia?

  • Every tablet of Propecia contains the active ingredient finasteride in the dose of 1 mg
  • The standard dose of Propecia is 1 tablet per day (1 mg Finasteride)
  • Every tablet should be taken with a half glass of water and on an empty stomach
  • In case of the gastric ulcer, gastritis, or side effects in the digestion organs, the tablets of Propecia 1 mg should be used after eating.

The higher efficiency of Propecia in the dose of more than 1 mg per day has been disproved in the course of the medical studies.

The tablets of Propecia 1 mg acts as well as the tablets of finasteride 5 mg but in case of the lower doses, the probability of the side effects is lowered and men better tolerate therapeutic course.

The efficiency of the alopecia treatment does not depend on the amount of the dose but it depends on the regular and prolong use of Finasteride.

Special recommendations

A therapeutic effect develops within 3 months and has maximum in 6 months. In 3 months of taking Propecia 1 mg, the hair loss will be reduced, and hair will be strong and beautiful.w

In 6 months of taking Propecia 1 mg, new hair will appear on the area of alopecia. Hair will grow by 1 cm per month, and therefore to achieve the maximal effects, 9 months will be needed.

Side effects of Propecia

The side effects appear seldom because Finasteride influences on the natural biological processes in the body and almost do not affect important functions.

However, some men can still have side effects because of the changed hormone level. These side effects are low libido, temporal erectile dysfunction, reduced ejaculatory fluid, and light dizziness.

The side effects related to the sexual dysfunction pass after recovering a normal level of the hormones. It usually happens within 1-2 months when the level of dihydrotestosterone is lowered till natural level, and the concentration of testosterone grows.

In order to avoid serious side effects, do not take Propecia during malignant tumor of the prostate, allergy to finasteride, and also infectious diseases of prostate.



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