Soma is a product which is widely used in medical practice to treat and prevent muscle spasms. Its main active ingredient is Carisoprodol.

The mechanism of the pharmacological action of Soma consists in the reduction of the spinal reflexes of the central nervous system, so that the frequency of the clears is reduced in the neurons. In other words, this medicine provides a relaxing action to the central nervous system and lowers innervation.

During frequent and painful attacks of the muscle seizures, Soma is taken in high doses in order to maximally remove the muscle strain and restrict the muscle constriction.

In some cases, the motion function of the human is maximally restricted, and it helps to lower an acute pain.

The analgesic effect of Soma is weakly expressed but it is still present. It helps to safely arrest the painful sensations of the middle severity, and get rid of the sufferings.

Moreover, Soma provides a weak therapeutic effect, so that a patient could be fully relaxed.

Soma can be used during acute attacks of the muscle spasms. It is quickly absorbed in the GIT and begins to work in 15 minutes. The maximal therapeutic effect is achieved in an hour.

Directions for the use

  • Spasms of somatic musculature
  • herniated disc
  • brachialgia
  • leg cramps
  • pyramidal spasticity

Contraindications for the use

  • Individual intolerance of Carisoprodol or any other ingredient which is part of Soma
  • Age under 5 years
  • Myotonia
  • intra-abdominal bleeding
  • Liver failure

Who should take Soma carefully?

Patients with ulcers of stomach and duodenum, or other erosive affections of the gastro-intestinal tract, should take Soma carefully. If bleeding occurs in the GIT during the treatment, the treatment should be stopped.

Women during pregnancy can take Soma only by the recommendations of a doctor. In some cases, the use of the medicine can be contraindicated, and therefore a gynecologist should examine a patient.

As the active ingredient of Soma is metabolized in liver and excreted by kidneys, it is necessary to be careful during diseases of liver and/or kidneys and at senior age.

Instructions for the use

The scheme of the use of Soma depends on the type of the muscle spasms, their causes, and intensity of the symptoms.

  • To arrest the symptoms of the muscle spasms, patients are recommended to take a pill of Soma 350 mg
  • In case of the frequent spasms of the unknown etiology, or other chronic diseases which cause spasms, Soma 350 mg is used 4 times per day, every 6 hours
  • The daily dose when the maxima therapeutic effect is achieved is 1400 mg
  • The course of the treatment should be 2-3 months, and then the treatment is stopped


During overdose, the side effects can occur in the cardiovascular system and central nervous system: hypotension, slow heart beat, vomiting, inhibition of the functions of the CNS, and epileptic seizures.

Go to a doctor as soon as possible during the first signs of the intoxication with Soma.

Side effects of Soma

A patient may feel weakness, lack of energy, low blood pressure, dizziness, headache, or nausea during the use of Soma.

These side effects are caused by the influence of Soma to the central nervous system.

During the regular use of the pills, the side effects gradually pass within 10-15 days. They can happen from time to time, but it will not affect the patient’s health.


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