Product Description

Xenical is a medical product for the obesity treatment which contains the active ingredient Orlistat.

The principle of action of Orlistat differs from most popular medicines for the weight loss. It does not bind to the receptors of the central nervous system and does not inhibit hunger. Therefore, Xenical has high pharmacological safety and can be used for the treatment of obesity in children.

Xenical a specific and reversible inhibitor of the gastro-intestinal lipases. The principle of the pharmacological action of this medicine consists in the inhibition of enzymes which take part in splitting fats.

As whole fats are not absorbed, the reduction of calories happens in the body. The daily deficit of calories leads to the reduction of the fatty tissue.

The body begins to use the accumulated fatty tissue to get energy. It helps to quickly and safely get rid of the excessive weight.

Orlistat almost does not penetrate into the systemic blood flow, and therefore it does not have systemic effect to the body and seldom causes some side effects.

Directions for the use

Xenical can be used for the treatment and prevention of obesity in adults and children, especially if there is a high risk of the development of severe diseases because of the excessive body weight.

Contraindications for the use

Xenical is contraindicated patients under 10 years, patients with acute diseases of kidneys and diagnosing stones in kidneys or urinary tracts.

Xenical does not provide a systemic action and is not able to penetrate through the placental barrier, but the use of the medicine is not recommended during pregnancy. Using Xenical lowers the supply of the fat-soluble vitamins which are required for the normal pregnancy.

Usage of Xenical

Xenical is indicated for the prolonged medical treatment of obesity. Therapeutic cycles can last for 6-12 months, depending on the severity of the obesity and general medical image of a patient.

The standard single dose of Xenical is 120 mg (1 capsule).

Xenical 120 mg is taken before every food intake, because it will reduce the absorption of the consumed fats. If food contains little animal or vegetable fats, Xenical pill may not be used because the medicine does not act as to carbohydrates and proteins. It lowers a caloric value by means of blocking fat uptake.

The use of Xenical in higher doses (more than 120 mg per 1 food intake) is pointless. It is medically proved that even by 10 times high dose will not lead to more intense weight loss.

Special recommendations

The use of Xenical blocks the absorption of fats from the gastro-intestinal tract, however, to achieve a stable result, it is necessary to reduce the caloric value.

During the treatment of the obesity, it is necessary to follow low-calorie diet, consume more protein, cellulose, and slow carbohydrates. The use of fats in high amount can slow down the onset of the result and cause adverse effects while taking another dose of Xenical.

Side effects of Xenical

Eating a lot of animal or vegetable fats, Xenical can cause side effects: flatulency, often defecation, oily discharges from anus, and digestion disorder.

If these side effects appear, the amount of the consumed fats should be lowered. The change of a dosage or scheme of the treatment is not needed during the side effects. In single cases, Xenical can cause headache.


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