Product Description

Zyban is a medical product of the new generation used for the treatment of the nicotine abuse. It contains the active ingredient Buproprion.

The standard medical therapy of the nicotine abuse consists in the use of drugs containing nicotine or cytisin. This approach is called a nicotine replacement therapy. A drawback of this approach is no guarantee of the complete healing because these medicines still stimulate the nicotine receptors but in a lesser degree.

Zyban is a medicine which does not contain nicotine, cytisin, or other ingredients which stimulate nicotine receptors in the brain. Its active ingredient Bupropion is a popular antidepressant which is reuptake noradrenaline and dopamine inhibitor. It is an effective antagonist of the nicotine receptors and the action of Zyban is based on this pharmacological feature.

Using Zyban inhibits nicotine receptors and patient who decided to quit smoking can easily give up smoking. Usually, people quitting smoking have withdrawals syndrome and other symptoms. It happens because nicotine receptors do not receive the needed amount of doping and cause psychological reactions.

Zyban blocks sensitivity of the nicotine receptors and patients easily tolerate the withdrawal syndrome. They do not have side effects because the nicotine receptors do not understand that the person does not smoke.

After the end of using Zyban, the functions of the nicotine receptors are restored but the human does not have any nicotine abuse, a desire to smoke, and stress because of quitting smoking.

Special recommendations

Zyban inhibits nicotine receptors and helps to overcome giving up smoking, however a human should make a decision about the treatment of the nicotine abuse.

If you begin to smoke again after the use of Zyban, the nicotine abuse will occur again. Therefore, if you decided to treat the nicotine addiction and bought Zyban, it is necessary to build a strict strategy of the medical therapy and be ready for not smoking.

How to take Zyban?

Zyban is released in the pills for the oral use. The treatment begins 7 days before the planned refusal from smoking. Taking Zyban within 7 days, the human continues smoking cigarettes, and on the 8th day, this human quits smoking completely.

The treatment begins one week before he complete quitting smoking, so that Bupropion will act to the nicotine receptors and the body will not have stress at the moment of refusal.

Zyban is taken in the minimal dose of 150 mg per day. Starting from the 8th day of the treatment, the dose is increased by two times and taken 1 tablets of Zyban 150 mg 2 times per day (in the morning and evening).

The average length of the medical treatment of the nicotine abuse is 3 months.

Side effects

Taking Zyban, bear in mind that its main active ingredient is a strong antidepressant. You should be ready for the development of the side effects of the middle intensity within the first two weeks of the treatment.

The side effects of Zyban are: sleepiness, digestion disorder, dizziness, loss of appetite, dry mouth, ringing of the ears, rapid heartbeat, and low blood pressure. At the end of the first week, the side effects will become weak and then disappear completely.

Patients with epilepsy should take Zyban with high caution and only in the minima dose of 150 mg per day. Using this medicine, the convulsive seizures may become often. If the amount of the convulsive attacks is significantly increased during the use of Zyban, the treatment should be ceased.


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