Pre Pregnancy Care Tips to Ensure Safe Pregnancy and Childbirth

Pre Pregnancy Care Tips to Ensure Safe Pregnancy and Childbirth

Enkindle the Reproductive Fire with Helpful Pre Pregnancy Care Ideas

A popular saying states that ‘a woman experiencing an unplanned pregnancy also deserves to experience unplanned joy’. Without any doubt, you will be expecting a planned joy in your life. This is where some valuable pre pregnancy care tips will help you a great extent.

Giving your baby the best beginning in life means getting your own health sorted well before the baby arrives to your uterus. Remember that your overall health and any medication you take can all affect your chances of having an enjoyable pregnancy.

This is the right time to make some healthy adjustments to your lifestyle like eating a balanced diet and engaging in more physical activities to provide a warm welcome to your baby. At this juncture of planning for a healthy baby, you will have a lot of questions in mind and here are some common questions answered:

Should you Visit the GP Before Getting Pregnant?

You might be aware that GP stands for general practitioner and of course, you can talk to your family doctor to find whether you are fit enough to carry a baby. This is even more important, if you have some pre-medical conditions like diabetes, asthma and epilepsy, then seeking the help of your family physician is a must. There are chances that your doctor might prescribe some suitable changes in your medications before you conceive.

Before Pregnancy Care Tips

What to Expect During Pre Pregnancy Check Up?

This is the right time to talk to your doctor about any distress or doubts you have about pre pregnancy care. You might be asked about your lifestyle and health, eating habits, any problems you have with your periods, the level of physical activities you do every day and whether your job involves working with any dangerous substances.

Should you get any medical tests?

Depending on your general health, your doctor might suggest the following health checkups:

  • If your doctor fears if you have anaemia, blood test to identify your haemoglobin count might be prescribed.
  • Screening test for STIs might be suggested
  • Even you can check with your doctor whether a cervical smear is needed as this test is not generally conducted during pregnancy.

Should I get any vaccinations?

There are chances that some infections that can be easily prevented can lead to birth defects or miscarriage. So, never forget to talk to your doctor about any recommended vaccinations for preventing infections.

Should I take any pre-pregnancy supplements?

Generally, it is recommended that women planning for pregnancy should have healthy folic acid level in their body. So, your doctor might suggest you a folic acid supplement to make sure that you get the right level of folic acid suitable for healthy pregnancy.

Remember that healthy reproductive system functioning is important at this stage. So, pre pregnancy care is something important to ensure both your health and the health of your baby. Happy Carrying!