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Rage: How to Manage Anger – Tips

Rage: How to Manage Anger – Tips

Rage on an evolutionary basis can serve to protect us from disasters and calamities from getting us potentially killed. At times of Do or Die situation this Rage boosts the adrenaline level in our body, tightens the muscles and increases heart-beat rate making us much more alert and responsive. But when this rage occurs too frequently and too intensely, then it creates a problem for the person himself and the poor victim in front of him. So here we are with the solution on How to Manage Anger.

• When we get Angry our rational prefrontal lobes shut down and the reflexive back areas of the brain take over. The left hemisphere also becomes more stimulated as the brain’s hormonal and cardio-vascular responses kick in (In simple language, you lose your cool and talk more with hands and legs rather than your mouth).
So you need to train your brain in order to think rationally and act smartly in such situations, which includes you taking up challenging take-up-anger scenarios and act rationally towards the situations.

• A tense body pumps a lot of cholesterol and a group of chemicals which encourage fatty deposits to pile up in the heart and the carotid arteries and also in this situation the blood flow stops in the stomach and divert it to your other muscles.
Start breathing deeply. It always helps because this is an act where when you start concentrating on deep breathing you lose concentration on the subject of Anger.

• For people who really care about their face, anger is the cause of acne and many more skin problems. It even weakens your immune system because at these times of eruptions the nervous system gets highly activated making it difficult to getting back to the normal state.
As said before when you go mad with your anger start taking deep breathes. Deep breathing is like an Emergency Service of a Fire Station to douse out the hot lava bubbling in your head.

On an alternative you can even hit the gym to sweat your aggression out. The best way to calm down and keep you fit simultaneously. On the other hand when it is felt that the mercury has risen above the level then you need serious medication on consultation of your doctor.
The cycle of anger mostly begins with an insult which leads to escalation of emotions leading to increase in fury which leads to the explosion of furiousness verbally or physically ending up in remorse, guilt or even loss of a girlfriend. So I think these tips on How to Manage Anger may help you save your dignity and relationship.