Rulebook for Diet Followers

1.Watch your Portions

Food always falls into black and white category by the way we choose them for diet. While you can’t change that the serving size of pasta is a measly cup, there are some tricks that can help you feel more satisfied. Have a piece of fruit, like an apple, orange, or banana, with every meal — the fiber, water, and volume will help fill you up.

2.Have more Veggies

If you don’t take more veggies it results in gaining of weight and poor nutrition. That’s why most diets encourage filling half your plate with veggies at every meal. Besides being low in sugar and fat and high in vitamins and minerals, they’re packed with fiber to keep you full. If you like spicy food with Indian-style flavors, mix green onion, corn, and red pepper with quinoa and cumin. Or make a roasted tomato and wild mushroom soup for lunch.

3.To Lead a Happy Life

You don’t have to give up all your loved foods instead take them in a little quantity. If you are a burger lover just go ahead with some control. That’s moderation, not deprivation, and it’s much easier to keep up in the long-term. In fact, this strategy may even make that cheesy slice feel more special, and consequently, more enjoyable.

4.Not hungry? Don’t eat

People take food when they feel bored, tired, stress, angry or depressed. And while it’s definitely easier said than done, try to pause and think about whether you’re physically hungry before taking that first bite. If you’re not, try to pinpoint the emotion you’re feeling and think through possible coping strategies that don’t involve food.

5.Chew your Food Well

It takes your brain 20 minutes to catch up with your stomach and signal that you’re full, at which point you could have easily consumed an entire meal and walked away feeling overstuffed. Chew each piece of food 10 times before you swallow it to force yourself to slow down. Put your utensils down after every bite and take a sip of water. That alone will give you a moment’s pause to, if nothing else, speak to the people you’re eating with. After all, meals are about more than just the food.

6.Weigh yourself Regularly

Weighing yourself once or twice a week is the sweet spot that lets you know where you’re at. If you weigh yourself every day and make decisions based on these day-to-day changes, then you can go ahead with a proper diet.

7.Drink water and more Water

Before you reach for a snack, grab a glass of water. It’s easy to mistake thirst for hunger. Skip sugary drinks and intake water which helps dehydrating.