Side Effects of Using Deodorants and Perfumes

Sweating is a most common and natural thing happening to everyone. Wearing perfumes and deodorants may make you smell good for few hours. But, there are many side effects of using deodorants and perfumes. Wearing deodorants and antiperspirants not only produces allergic reactions it may produce many health risks.  New researchers have revealed many side effects of deodorants. Read out the bad side effects of using deodorants and perfumes.

#1: Alzheimers’ Disease

Using deodorants with aluminum content causes alzheimers’ disease. Dementia or alzheimers disease means memory loss in the early age of 40s or 50s. It also reduces thinking, problem-solving capability, affects thoughts and speech. It is one of the harmful side effects of using deodorants and perfumes.

#2: Birth Defects in New Born Babies

Dangerous chemicals such as parabens and phthalates present in deodorants causes birth defects. It is proved that pregnant women who are more exposed to these chemicals are giving birth to baby with defects. Cell mutation caused by harmful chemical ‘phthalates’ producing defects in new born babies. It is highly dangerous for future generations.

#3: Early Puberty in Kids

Chemicals found in deodorants and perfumes causes early puberty in kids. These chemicals induces cell mutation and affects hormonal balance. It leads to attaining puberty in early ages in young children. Parents must keep kids away from deodorants, perfumes and antiperspirants till teenage.

#4: Causes Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is one of the most dangerous side effects of using deodorants. Deodorants or perfumes or antiperspirants while spraying in the underarm parts affects breast as it closer to it. Chemicals in the deodorants causes breast cancer by damaging breast tissues. It induces estrogen hormones and increases growth of breast tissues and has more chances for causing breast cancer.

#5: Skin Allergies and Darker Underarms

Chemicals and alcohol contained in the deodorants causes skin allergies and also leads to dry skin. Itchiness, rashes are the common symptoms faced by many while using strong fragranced deodorants. Triclosan a pesticide chemical found in deodorants also makes underarms darker.

#6: Chronic Headache

Can perfumes cause headaches?  Harmful chemical content produces headaches, migraines (one side headache) and sinus headaches. Strong chemicals used for fragrance and odor not only causes instant headache while spraying. It also causes long-term frequent headaches.

#7: Asthma

Researches says that one who uses strong deodorants or perfumes excessively are more prone to breathing diseases especially asthma. Sensitive chemicals or toiletries present in deodorants causes breathing troubles or nausea. Staying with those chemicals around us affects respiration and produces breathing problems.

Tips to Prevent Harmful Side Effects of Using Deodorants

You can use natural deodorants without aluminium, paraben, phthalates and alcohol content. Also, using it in moderation is good to stay away from these side effects of using deodorants and perfumes. Parents must not allow kids to use deodorants until they turn teenager.