How to Stay Fit Without Exercise

It is not always necessary that you can stay fit and healthy by spending an hour or so in gym or it is necessary to take some time out for exercise. Rather you can fit your exercise in your daily chores. So today we see some simple steps on how to stay fit without exercise.

Step 1:

Walk whenever possible. Forget your bus, skip your lift and even try walking while you are reading this in your smart phone or tablet. So always be on the move.

Step 2:

Try to do your own dusting and cleaning. This not only exercises your body but also tones it.

Step 3:

Stretch and twist whenever you want to reach for something on the shelf.

Step 4:

Whenever you stand up from a chair, grasp arms with feet flat on the floor and push up until you are standing erect.

Step 5:

When looking for anything in the bottom drawer of the cupboard or a cabinet, keeping heels flat, let your legs do the work.

Step 6:

Whenever you carry any grocery, do not carry the bags in front of you with your shoulders slumping. Hold the bags high, keep the arms straight and shoulders back.

Step 7:

Be very conscious about your posture.

So this is how you can stay fit without exercise because it is not always possible to give time out for exercises.