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Super Fruits to Eat for Acne Prone Skin

Super Fruits to Eat for Acne Prone Skin

Does eating fruits help acne? Fruits are really very good for skin. People who add fruits in daily diet can maintain perfect glowing skin forever. You can simply prevent any skin problems if you eat best fruits for skin care. It benefits skin excellently while aging.

Especially, eating healthy fruits help to get rid of acne prone skin permanently. Read more to know super fruits to eat for acne prone skin.

Kick out pimples, acne and get beautiful, clean and clear skin. Eat fruits everyday and go acne free!

1. Lemons

Using lemon for acne prone skin is one of the best ways to get clear glowing skin naturally. Make your skin flawless with yellow lemons. Drink lemon juice added with honey everyday morning. It cleanse body well and give you clear and radiant skin.

Beauty Tip for Acne Skin: Use lemon juice and baking soda for fast acne clearing. Apply on the acne spots. It helps to get rid of pimples instantly overnight.

2. Oranges

Vitamin C is one of the essential vitamins for skin care. Oranges actively fight with acne and get rid of acne quickly. It also boosts collagen production which helps for skin rejuvenation. Thus, eating oranges clears acne and acne scars effectively.

Beauty Tip for Acne Skin: Apply orange juice on acne prone skin and leave it for a while. It stops excess oil secretion and makes skin clearer and glowing.

3. Grapes

Resveratrol compound present in grapes are one of the best fruits to eat for acne prone skin. Grape seed extract is also used in many anti-acne skincare products. Benzoyl peroxide present in grapes kills acne causing bacteria and keeps skin clean and clear. It also makes skin young and youthful while aging. Drinking wine in moderation is good to get acne free skin.

Beauty Tip for Acne Skin: Take up wine facials once a month to make skin free from acne, blemishes and to keep skin flawless.

4. Berries

Get smooth and clear skin with the goodness of berries! Berries are rich in many nutrients which ultimately help for skin care. It cleanse body and skin well and keeps away infection causing bacterias and viruses. Enjoy a cup of berries for acne prone skin everyday. It helps to stop acne problems and prevent it completely.

Beauty Tip for Acne Skin: Take fresh berries and apply the pulp as face mask. It beautifully brightens skin and keeps skin acne-free.

What to Eat for Acne Prone Skin

5. Tomatoes

Lycopene and anti-oxidants nourished in tomatoes are very good for skin health. Drink tomato juice, add tomato in salads and add it in any forms in daily diet. Heal your acne skin with tomato fruit goodness. It actively helps in making skin clear as it contains skin clarifying properties.

Beauty Tip for Acne Skin: Slice tomato into half and gently apply on acne prone skin. This is one of the best home remedies to get rid of acne and scars.

6. Bananas

One of the cheap and nutrient rich fruits is banana. Eating banana has more benefits for body and skin. Ripen banana has potent nutrients which help for quick acne control. Have a banana a day keep skin glowing and clear.

Beauty Tip for Acne Skin: Get away pimples naturally eating and applying banana on face.

7. Apples

An apple a day not only helps for body health even for getting acne-free skin. Ample nutrients present in apples simply keep skin healthy. Good nutrients present in apples clean intestines and cleanse body by removing toxins out. Even fresh apple juice can be used for acne skin as a skin cleanser and toner. It rightly balances skin pH and helps to get clean and clear skin naturally.

Beauty Tip for Acne Skin: Using apple cider vinegar for acne problems is the best home remedy to control acne overnight.

These are best super fruits to eat for acne prone skin. Follow proper anti acne diet with these fruits. Go acne free and flawless!