Tips to Exercise Safely – Fitness Guide

We exercise to keep our body fit. But what if that same harms you? Exercises can harm us if it is not done in the right way. Safety, precaution and awareness are required before you start exercising. So let’s discuss some Tips to Exercise Safely.

• Protective Gears:

As the title suggests the first and foremost thing to look in for before you start exercising is the equipment which you will need to protect your critical parts in your body. For different sports it’s a different gear. For example in Cricket you need cricket gloves, thigh pads, knee pads, etc , for running you need the specially designed impact absorbing shoes and etc, etc to prevent bruises and sprains.

• Little Warm up:

After getting ready with your protective kit the next most important thing is getting your body warmed up for the workout. Warming up means you need to stretch your body a little to an extent where you feel the pull and then maintain the position for about ten seconds. Stretches here means dynamic stretches where you stretch as you move. For example, arm-circling, leg swinging, bending on the sides and jogging on the spot. This is important because when the muscles and ligaments get warmed up, their elasticity increases making them lesser prone to tear and injury.

• Fitness to be focused:

Ok now after protective gear and warm up we come to one more important aspect which is Cardio-vascular exercises. If you are into body building then it is the most important thing for your body. Moderate or heavy weight training requires a strong and healthy heart and a well conditioned vascular respiratory system. Without cardio there are chances that you may witness a coronary mishap at the gym itself. It is recommended that there should be a balance between weight training for strength and shape, cardio for fitness and stamina and stretching for overall flexibility.

• Qualified Instructor for Right Guidance:

Just to get right guidance of what you are doing you need a qualified instructor. Mind it the instructor should be not only an expert but also qualified physiotherapist so that he is able to give you right guidance 24×7 in order to provide good fitness regime as well as measures to prevent any kind of mishap or injury.

• Take care of your body as well:

At times while working out you feel that urge of doing more. Don’t do that if your body has given up. Going against the odds will have side-effects on your body. So take care of what you are doing, how you are doing and how much you are doing. Keep your sets and reps at an optimum level so that it does not injure you. You may not feel the consequences at that instance but later it may have very bad effects on your health.

• Water! A must:

Water is most essential when it comes to workout. Drink plenty of water a few hours before you start your workout. This is because drinking water just before workout would not help as your body will not absorb the correct amount of water. Drinking plenty of water after workout is also essential. This will help your body to get rid of toxins produced by muscles at the time of workout, it also rehydrates your body which gets dehydrated due to perspiration. Also take sips of cold water between breaks to rehydrate.

• Set your Aim:

Aims or Goals are a must when you are exercising. You need to know how you want to be, like for an instance more muscular. So set realistic goals and discuss them with your instructor in detail. Only then your instructor can help you attain what you want. Those who are hoping to achieve their fitness objectives are recommended to visit gym 3-4 times a week and give their muscles a rest of 48 hours between two sessions.

• Cool Down a Little:

The last but not the least and an essential part of workout is cooling down. Never try to neglect it because your body needs to get to its original state the way it was before workout. What you need to do when you cool down? Do the opposite of Warm ups. You can even go for a walk to lower pulse rate. This will help to get rid of the lactate in your body which was formed at the time of workout.

In the end exercising should be beneficial. It should be performed correctly in order to tone your muscles, improve your health and provide you a relaxed body. Go out and hit the gym but Dude do keep in mind these Tips to Exercise Safely.