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Top 6 Reasons for Irregular Periods in Teenagers

Top 6 Reasons for Irregular Periods in Teenagers

Irregular periods are the major head-aching issue in women life after attaining puberty stage. Though it is not a dangerous problem, it needs to be figured out what causes irregular periods. If you neglect to notice the problem and set it right, you will be ruled by some major problems in your later period.  Here are the top reasons for irregular periods in teenagers.

Normally periods falls once in 28 days as it is triggered by menstrual cycle. Periods stay for 3 to 7 days which depends upon the individual body condition. Also amount of blood flow varies from women to women. All it matters of delayed periods or irregular periods. Why your periods are not regular? What disturbs your menstrual phase?

Reasons for Irregular Periods in Teenagers #1: Food Diet

Poor diet and unhealthy foods are the prime cause for irregularity of periods. Fast foods and packaged foods are one of the main reason for irregular periods in teenagers. Lack of proper nutritional diet affects menstrual cycle in many ways. To regulate menstrual cycle give your body right level of nutrition.

Tip: To compensate with your unhealthy food-style and lifestyle include more fruits in routine life. Additionally, iron rich food sources like honey, dates, almonds, raisins helps to normalize and stabilize menstrual cycle and helps to function periodically.

Reasons for Irregular Periods in Teenagers #2: Stress

Stress, depression and other hard emotional feelings are also in the top reasons for irregular periods in teenagers. Work stress, family stress and burdens, relationship breakups affects hormones and causes imbalance. Over travelling also alters your periods. As hormonal levels are disturbed it delays your periods. Stress is the prime reasons for irregular periods in teenagers as proved by many researchers.

Tip: Burst out stress in many ways and keep mind full of bouncing energy. Good thoughts and tension free life helps to live happy life. Carry out life hopefully and joyfully so that mental health is not affected by any issues.

Reasons for Irregular Periods in Teenagers #3: Over-Exercising

Human body needs good amount of stamina to regularize periods. If over exercising habits exerts too much of energy, then  menstrual cycle finds very hard to initiate its process. You must compulsorily perform workouts to maintain body fit and healthy.

Tip: Especially fitness minded women should be aware of over-exercising and over-straining them by hard work-outs. Exercise enough and see it doesn’t go beyond a limit. Achieve fitness with moderate exercising and healthy dieting.

Reasons for Irregular Periods in Teenagers #4: Ovary Syndrome

Formation of poly-cysts on the ovaries can extend your menstrual process. This is the common cause of irregular periods. It is to be treated as earlier as possible as it leads to ovarian cancers. Symptoms of ovary syndrome are extreme hair loss, and weight gain.

Tip: Consult gynecologists and get right treatment for the cysts formation. These cysts turn into ovarian cancers also cause infertility problems in later stages. Take laboratory tests, diagnose them rightly and treat it possibly.

Reasons for Irregular Periods in Teenagers #5: Birth Control Pills

Taking birth control pills and other high-dose medication disturbs menstrual phase. Estrogen hormone levels get distracted of taking birth control pills and delays periods. It takes some time to regulate menstrual cycle.

Tip: Avoid birth control pills as it causes several side effects. Get proper advise from your gynecologist before using them and follow the advise.  

Reasons for Irregular Periods in Teenagers #6: Over-weight and Under Weight

Over-weight and under-weight problems seems to be more in youngsters. This is one of the reasons for irregular periods in teenagers. Some suffer of poor nutrition and look skinny as they lack right nutritional requirements. Some girls are over-weight where being obese is linked with many health issues.

Tip: Balance right body weight according to your BMI. Eat healthy foods to increase immunity and hemoglobin naturally. Avoid eating more oiled savories and other unhygienic carbonated drinks.