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Top Reasons for Dry Skin – Causes & Remedies

Top Reasons for Dry Skin – Causes & Remedies

Your skin is the prime protector to your body. Skin care during every season is very essential to prevent skin problems and also to keep skin healthy. Out of all other skin types, dry skin is a troubling skin condition as it brings in disturbing skin problems like excessive itchiness, dermatitis (eczema) etc.

Scaling, cracking, itching skin alarms your skin is getting drier. Too much dryness in skin can cause pre-mature aging symptoms such as wrinkles, fine lines, dullness etc. If you have dry skin; first know these top reasons for dry skin and fix it with quick dry skin remedies suggested below. Get balanced, smooth, soft and buttery skin naturally!

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Dry Skin Reasons and Remedies

Top Reasons for Dry Skin and Itchiness

Top Reasons for Dry Skin #1: Hot Shower

Hot steamy shower should be avoided as it is one of the main causes for dry skin. Treating skin or hair with hot water removes moisture (natural oils) and leaves it dry and damaged. It can also cause severe itchiness if you take hot bath daily.

Quick Remedy: Use lukewarm water for shower and hair wash to keep skin and hair healthy. Also avoid long showers in hot water. If you have dryness prone skin, apply body butters or buttery moisturizers immediately after bathing.

Top Reasons for Dry Skin #2: Winter Weather

During winter season, it is common that many get dry skin. Too dry skin can also cause severe itching which might lead to dry skin problems. Stop dry skin by taking good care.

Quick Remedy: Make sure you follow winter skin care tips for dry skin regularly to prevent skin from dryness in winters.

Top Reasons for Dry Skin #3: Soaps

Does soap cause dry skin? Not all soaps make skin dry. But, usually avoid soaps as it steals natural moisture from skin. It is one of the major reasons for dry skin. Using soaps for dry skin is a bad choice.

Quick Remedy: Instead choose moisturizing factor rich soaps or use body butter bath bombs or butter shower gels.

Top Reasons for Dry Skin #4: Frequent Scrubbing

It is necessary to scrub skin to remove dirt. But scrubbing often can cause dry, itching, and flaky. Too much of scrubbing, opens skin pores that lead to acne or breakouts. It is the important reason for pimples on dry skin. Also, after bathing gently pat skin and dry. Don’t scrub over body with towel.

Quick Remedy: If you have dry skin, scrubbing once a week is suggested. Overdoing can cause more dry skin.

Top Reasons for Dry Skin #5: Clothing

Using woolen or polyester clothes cause friction on skin that strips away skin moisture. Also, thick clothes blocks skin from breathing which slows down oil production in skin.

Quick Remedy: Always have an eye on clothing as it matter not only your appealing look but also for skin health. Opt for soft, linen or cotton clothes in which your skin feels comfortable to breath.

Top Reasons for Dry Skin #6: Your Skin Health

However, many factors are contributing to the top reasons of dry skin, your health plays major role for your skin dryness. Foods you take hugely reflect on skin’s health. If you are following wrong diet foods or low nutrition foods, it can make skin produce less oils which leads to dry skin over the period of time.

Quick Remedy: Include these top foods for dry skin and nourish skin naturally. Avocados, walnuts, almonds, eggs, salmon, tomatoes dark chocolates, yogurt, watermelon, cucumber etc are adds many benefits to skin health.