How to Treat Hypertension – Tips

Hypertension also commonly known as High Blood Pressure condition is nowadays a common phenomenon in every third adult all around the world. Main Cause of Hypertension is too much of stress, anger and our extremely fast moving life. When you first come to know that you are a patient of High Blood Pressure the first thing comes to your mind is How to Treat Hypertension? The best way to combat with this condition of High Blood Pressure is changing your lifestyle. How to do it? Continue reading, but before that you need to know what is the ideal figure for blood pressure. 120/80 mm Hg or lower is the ideal figure for blood pressure a normal person could have. Now let’s see how you can change your lifestyle in order to treat high blood pressure. Here are some of the treatment for hypertension.

Lifestyle Changes

The lifestyle what we are living today can easily make us more prone to stress and anger which ultimately increases your blood pressure. No matter how much ever medications you take you will need to change your lifestyle. These would be some recommendations that your Doc would provide you with:

  • You need to eat a healthier diet with comparatively less salt.
  • Start exercising, and continue it regularly.
  • If you are a smoker then quit smoking and if you are not then don’t even think of it.
  • For obese people it is recommended to try and lose as much weight they can because obesity houses many diseases including Hypertension.

Medication & Meditation

Meditation is the most effective and down to earth tool for the treatment of Hypertension. Closing your eyes and going into deep meditation combined with streams of long breathes inhaled and exhaled calms and soothes your mind and body decreasing the stress levels hence decreasing risk of Hypertension.

Sometimes the stress levels are so high that even meditation has no effect then it is recommended to go for medication. Medication though has a bitter face but it helps you to control your Blood Pressure very sweetly. Medics like Thiazide diuretics, Beta blockers, ACE(Angiotensin- converting enzyme) inhibitors, ARBs(Angiotensin ll receptor blockers), Calcium channel blockers and Renin inhibitors help you combat with your High blood pressure.

Resistant Hypertension

Now when your blood pressure is angry with you and does not want to listen even after the three different types of medication then it indicates that you have Resistant Hypertension. Now when you come to know that medications don’t help you out in treating the High blood pressure then you need to call your Doc for a cup of coffee and sit and evaluate the right medications to treat your Hypertension.

Never think Hypertension as a small biological condition, it is so much capable to harm your cardiac system, respiratory system and other body organs. It can even lead to system failures. So always have proper amount of care when you Treat Hypertension or else you will land in grave danger.